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Dos & Don'ts When Watering Cotton

How Much Water Does It Take To Grow Cotton?

Cotton is known as one of the thirstiest crops to grow. But, how much water does it take to grow cotton? What is the water use of cotton compared to other crops and textiles? How can the water footprint be reduced? That’s what we are looking at in this article. Cotton Water Requirements Despite being … Read more

how to make yarn from cotton frequently asked questions

How To Make Yarn From Cotton?

Cotton is the most common natural fabric used to make yarn and other textiles. However, most people don’t know how to make yarn from cotton at home without fancy machinery. This guide (+video) will show you the basic procedures! What Is Cotton Yarn? In 2019, cotton accounted for roughly 40% of the market share of … Read more

how to make paper from cotton Frequently Asked Questions

How To Make Paper From Cotton?

Everyone knows that paper is traditionally made from wood pulp. But, if you know how to make paper from cotton, you can grow it and/or recycle old cotton material for your homemade paper. But, how is cotton paper made? How Do You Make Homemade Cotton Paper? Cotton was used for paper making long before wood … Read more

how to preserve cotton stalks Frequently Asked Questions

How To Preserve Cotton Stalks?

Cotton stems are a decorative display that can be produced on your homestead. But, proper efforts must be put forward to make your display last. It’s time to learn how to preserve cotton stalks! How Do You Make Preserved Cotton Stalks? Cotton stalks are very popular decoration during the fall. Plenty of people go out … Read more

Can I Drive a Front End Loader On The Road

Who Makes The Best Front End Loader?

Caterpillar makes some of the best front end loaders, also called wheel loaders, in the market. It’s the most popular brand when it comes to wheel loaders.  John Deere also makes some great models with proven reliability. Other trusted wheel loader brands include Komatsu, JCB and Case.  In this post, we compare front end loaders … Read more

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