How To Make A Mini Hay Baler?

Baling Hay By Hand With A DIY Mini Hay Baler

How To Make A Mini Hay Baler?

Making your own mini hay baler that can be operated without anything but a little elbow grease is a great way to store hay more efficiently than loose stacks. Mechanical balers cost thousands of dollars and require other heavy equipment to operate, including the tractor, mower, and rake. If you aren’t making hay on tens … Read more

how to clean utv interior

How To Clean UTV Interior?

Unless you’ve decked out your side by side with a full cab enclosure, your UTV’s interior is going to get dirty. Dust will coat every surface of the interior, and you may find piles of sand on the floor. If you often ride on muddy trails, you’ll find mud caked all over.  Luckily, you don’t have … Read more

How well do UTV snow plows work

How Does A UTV Snow Plow Work?

A UTV snow plow is a great choice if you need to clear a lot of snow from a long driveway or a parking lot.  It’s better and easier than manually shoveling snow, and cheaper than hiring a snow plow service (if you already have a UTV).  Most farming UTVs can easily handle snow plowing. … Read more

How do you clean the inside of a UTV

How To Buy Wheels And Tires For Your UTV?

The kind and quality of wheels and tires on your UTV matters a great deal for performance, comfort and safety.  In this guide, we tell you everything you need to know about buying the right wheels and tires for your farming UTV.  What are the Different Types of UTV Tires? The first thing you need … Read more

why wear a helmet on a utv

Why Wear A Helmet On A UTV?

While UTVs have several safety features such as a roll cage and seat belts, you still need to wear a helmet when riding a UTV.  An accident can still happen, causing serious injury to your head. Even if you don’t hit the ground or a tree, you could hit your head against a part of … Read more

What Do You Need to Clean the Inside of an ATV

How To Make A Windshield For A UTV?

Buying a windshield for your UTV could easily set you back more than $200, or double that for high-end windshields with special coatings. Add a rear windshield, and your budget will be at least $500. Read on to learn more about how to make a windshield for a UTV by yourself. Why Go The DIY … Read more

How Fast Can An ATV Go

How To Charge An ATV Battery With Car Charger?

Even though your ATV’s engine charges the battery while you are riding (via the stator), it’s usually not enough to keep the battery topped up.  You may even find that starting the engine, using headlights, and operating equipment such as a winch use more power from the battery than the engine puts in.  Unless you … Read more

How to tighten chain on ATV

How To Tighten Chain On ATV?

If the chain on your ATV is too loose, you may experience some jerky movement when accelerating. You may also hear a clicking noise caused by the chain missing some of the teeth in the sprocket.  The worst that can happen is the chain coming right off.  Luckily, ATV chains are designed to be tightened … Read more

Best Charger For An ATV Battery

How To Bleed ATV Brakes {Step By Step}

If your ATV has hydraulic brakes, which it most likely does, you need to bleed them from time to time. Why is it important and how to bleed ATV brakes? Read on to learn more in this guide {+ watch 2 videos inside}. Why Do You Need To Bleed ATV Brakes? Bleeding ATV brakes flushes out … Read more

Why Do You Need To Bleed ATV Brakes

How To Test A Stator On An ATV?

The stator is what keeps the battery in your ATV charged up. If your stator is bad, it’ll result in a dead battery. Here’s how to test your ATV’s stator to determine if it’s the problem. The stator consists of spinning magnets that generate electricity in wire coils. Most ATVs use a stator with three separate … Read more

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