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what can farmers do to reduce soil erosion

What Can Farmers Do To Reduce Soil Erosion?

Healthy soils make our world go round. They’re not only the backbone of the agricultural system we rely on for countless foods and materials but also provide environmental services crucial for a healthy water cycle, climate, and ecosystems. Unfortunately, soil erosion around the world is leading to mass degradation of soils leaving farmers and ecosystems … Read more

how to prepare soil for organic farming Frequently Asked Questions

How To Prepare Soil For Organic Farming?

Organic farming requires healthy soils to provide your plants with all the adequate nutrients they need to grow healthy, be free of disease, and produce a bountiful harvest. Aside from just nutrients, your soil must also contain the thriving biology of microorganisms and insects that play important roles in your soil’s nutrient cycle and plant’s … Read more

how to remove small rocks from soil

How To Remove Small Rocks From Soil?

When starting a new farm, you may realize that small rocks, gravel, and pebbles impact the properties of your soil in ways that may be unfavorable. In some cases, like when building specialty garden beds or making a soil mix for starting seeds, you may decide to remove small rocks to improve your soil quality. … Read more

best farm soil test kit frequently Asked Questions

Which Is The Best Farm Soil Test Kit?

Testing soil is a great way to work out what is the best thing to plant on your farm, and what you might potentially need to supplement your soil with. Having healthy soil is the key to growing good, strong, healthy crops that can turn you a great profit. If you already know what your … Read more

Tomatoes & Hay: Who Knew?

How To Grow Tomatoes In Hay Bales?

Growing mediums are typically soil-based, but there has been a rise in popularity for growing crops in soilless mediums. This is why you’ll see so many articles and videos recommending “hay-bale gardening”, which is actually a misnomer. Hay is foodstuff or horses, cattle and other livestock. It is expensive, and it’s full of seeds, so … Read more

how to keep birds away from tomatoes Frequently Asked Questions

How To Keep Birds Away From Tomatoes?

You can spend hours in the garden waiting for your tomatoes to ripen. Then, one afternoon you notice a flock of birds has wiped out your crop and left you with nothing to harvest. Learning how to keep birds away from tomatoes will ensure the work you out in actually turns into a healthy harvest … Read more

what causes white spots on tomatoes Good Luck With Your Tomatoes

What Causes White Spots On Tomatoes?

You spend hours in the garden ensuring your plants stay healthy and happy so you can harvest a bunch of tasty tomatoes. But wait, what are the spots on my tomatoes? Nothing is worse than pests and diseases reducing your yield and trying to identify how to get rid of the problem. This guide will … Read more

how to grow tomatoes indoors hydroponically Frequently Asked Questions

How To Grow Tomatoes Indoors Hydroponically?

Tomatoes are a mainstay in the summer gardens of most homesteads. But, what if there isn’t enough room for tomatoes in the garden area or you want fresh tomatoes all year-round instead of just the summer? Well, indoor growing is here to help! You might be asking yourself “how can I grow tomatoes hydroponically?”. There … Read more

Time To Get Cooking!

How To Make Whole Wheat Pastry Flour?

Many people desire the lighter texture that whole wheat pastry flour creates in baked goods. It differs from all-purpose flour in its nutritional content. It’s also milled from a different variety of wheat. If you are looking to learn how to make whole wheat pastry flour from your homestead, this is for you! What Is … Read more

Let's Grow Bread!

How To Turn Wheat Into Bread?

Growing wheat on your homestead can provide you with higher quality flour products that you can find in any grocery store. You control the growing conditions and plant health to lead to a better end product. But, how do you turn wheat into flour that you can use to make bread? Read on to learn … Read more

how to harvest wheat by hand

How To Harvest Wheat By Hand?

Wheat harvesting is typically done in vast fields with huge machinery. But, how do you harvest small scale wheat crops? Luckily, the whole process can be done by hand with a couple of simple tools you probably have lying around the homestead. In the absence of those tools, it can be done with just your … Read more

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