How To Prune A Jujube Tree {A Detailed Guide}

How To Root A Jujube Tree

How To Plant A Jujube Tree {Step By Step}

Jujube trees are still not well known, which is somewhat surprising considering they are so fantastic, being heavy fruiting and excelling in hot climates. This makes them a perfect match for much of the southern United States. They are hardy, deciduous trees that reach a height of between 30 to 40 feet, depending on the … Read more

How And When To Prune Jujube Tree

How To Grow A Jujube Tree {A Guide}

Jujube Trees are easy to grow and thrive in hot, dry climates. They are drought tolerant and like full sun and slightly sandy soil. They don’t suffer from many diseases and are very hardy, with the Chinese varieties also being cold tolerant. In this article, we’re going to look at how to grow a Jujube … Read more

How Much Water Does A Jujube Tree Need

How To Take Care Of A Jujube Tree?

Jujube trees are easy to grow fruit trees originating in China. They are hardy and need only a minimal amount of care once established. The fruits are delicious fresh off the tree or dried when they become similar to dates, which is why they are often called Chinese Dates. Read on to discover how to … Read more

How To Use Medlar Fruit

How To Use Medlar Fruit {Explained!}

If you’ve never heard of a medlar, you certainly aren’t alone! The medlar is not new but a rather ancient fruit cultivated since before Roman times and enjoyed throughout the Middle Ages and the Renaissance period in Europe. This unusual fruit is enjoying a comeback, as it provides delicious wintertime sweetness and can be used … Read more

What Does Medlar Fruit Taste Like

Medlar Fruit Jam Recipe {Video Inside}

Medlar is an ancient fruit related to quinces, apples, and pears. They grow in a wide range of climates and soil types and produce fruit in late autumn. Due to the fruit’s high pectin content, they are ideal for turning into a delicious jam or jelly. In our step-by-step medlar fruit jam recipe, you’ll discover … Read more

What Is Medlar Fruit Good For

How To Plant A Medlar Tree?

Medlars are ancient fruit-bearing trees that have been enjoyed throughout Europe for centuries. They grow best in deep, fertile soil that is well drained and slightly acidic. They are attractive trees, so even if you don’t grow them for their unusual fruit you can grow them to be purely ornamental. Let’s find out more about … Read more

How To Graft A Medlar Tree

How To Care For A Medlar Tree?

Medlar trees were once a common sight in the UK, Germany, and other parts of Europe and Asia, but somehow they became lost in time. Luckily these hardy,  easy to care for trees are enjoying a comeback. Medlar fruits are ideal for providing a winter treat as they don’t ripen until after the first frosts. … Read more

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