How To Choose The Best Farm Jack?

There’s nothing worse that getting a flat tire right in the middle of an important job, or on the way to taking hay to the hungry animals. What you need is the best farm jack, to take around with you so that you can always fix a tire on the run, and make sure that you never miss a job.

Maintaining your farm and fixing farm machinery is more than just changing tires, however – sometimes there may be a problem underneath the vehicle that you cannot spot just by looking at it from the outside, so having a jack to get a good look at the underside, and lifting it up high enough to fix it, is essential.

Best Farm Jack: Reviews


Farm Jacks


Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48" Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel JackTOP PICK: Hi-Lift Black Cast And Steel Jack

A very good, sturdy portable jack, one of the strongest.

Arcan 2 Ton Low Profile Quick Rise Steel Floor Jack XL20,BlackArcan 2 Ton Steel Floor Jack XL20

A good, low profile jack with 2 ton capacity.

Pro-Lift B-004D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack - 4 Ton CapacityGrey Hydraulic Bottle Jack 4 Ton

An affordable jack, small but sturdy, with 4 ton capacity.


1. Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48” Hi-Lift Black Cast And Steel Jack Review

Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48" Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack

This is an incredibly strong jack, that can stand up to your biggest jobs with no problems whatsoever. It is robust and hard wearing, and will be a great addition to your tool box.


  • Strong, durable and well made. This jack is constructed from hard wearing steel, and four stamped, high strength steel components, to make sure it holds up to your biggest problems.
  • Lightweight, yet packs a punch. This jack is small enough and portable enough to carry around with you, yet strong enough to deal with your heaviest lifting. It has a rated load capacity of 4,660lb, and a tested load of 7,000lb, making it one of the strongest on the market.
  • Made by a trusted manufacturer. A good name is worth a lot, because it comes from decades of great products and fantastic service. Hi-Lift have been making products like this for generations, so you know you are buying from a trusted brand with a great reputation.
  • Comes with a shear bolt to prevent excess weight carrying. This bolt addition will stop the jack from lifting more than its rated capacity – though at 7,000lb you would be hard pressed to reach its capacity!


  • Susceptible to rust. Don’t leave this jack out in the rain, or leave it too long in a muddy puddle without cleaning it afterwards, or it may end up rusty and impossible to use.


This is a very good sturdy jack, that will help you make repairs to whatever vehicle you throw at it. It is rated for extremely heavy weight, and will stand up to any amount of abuse and hard work.


2. Arcan 2 Ton Low Profile Quick Rise Steel Floor Jack XL20 Review

Arcan 2 Ton Low Profile Quick Rise Steel Floor Jack XL20,Black

This low profile jack is ideal for those lower vehicles that you can’t fit a larger jack under, and for situations where the thing you are trying to lift is low to the ground. This is perfect for a vehicle that has stuck in the mud and needs underside repairs.


  • Strong, heavy duty construction. When you’re buying a jack, you need it to be strong and hard working. This one is made from strong, aircraft grade aluminium, so it should stand up to even your heaviest farm machinery.
  • Protection for your vehicle. This jack comes with a rubber saddle and a foam handle bumper, to prevent any damage or scratches to the item you are trying to lift up with it.
  • 2 piece handle for easy storage. You can pack this jack down so that you can take it around with you, and know that it won’t take up too much room in your vehicle with the removable handle.
  • Bypass and overload valves for safety. This addition means that it would be very difficult to press your jack for more power than it can handle, as it is prevented from extending itself farther than it can go.


  • The handle can pop out. It’s important to keep an eye on the connection between the handle and the jack, as without proper attention it can slip out of the housing, leading to a corrosion of the connections.


A strong and sturdy jack, this one is rated for safety so you can be sure it is as strong and durable as it promises to be. It is also perfect for slipping under low down vehicles, as it has a lower load capacity than other models so it can get under smaller areas than most.


3. Pro-Lift B-004D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack 4 Ton Capacity Review

Pro-Lift B-004D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack - 4 Ton Capacity

This bottle jack is small but hefty; it can stand up to a lot of weight and still maintain its strength and power. It is also small enough to throw in the back of a trailer and not really notice it is there until you need it.


  • Strong and sturdy and designed for long life. This jack is rated for heavy work, and it is reinforced on the areas that will receive the most hard knocks.
  • Steel lifting saddle. This section is specially engineered to hold the heaviest weights and will ensure that it holds the load securely and safely.
  • Comes with a carrying handle. This is especially important if you are using this jack to take out and about with you – it won’t cause you problems when carrying it.
  • Extension screw for adjustments. This jack allows itself to be adjusted to accommodate whatever height you are working at, making it extra convenient.


  • Can be hard to reduce the height. It has been reported that it is tricky to get this jack to come down once it has gone up, especially if you leave it for a while before you try to bring it down.


This is a great jack for farm work, as it is small yet sturdy, and easy to carry around the place with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors Should You Consider When Choosing a Farm Jack?

As you can see, there are a variety of different farm jacks available. It’s important to choose one that will best fit your needs by considering several factors.

Think about how much you expect to use the jack on your farm, and the types of jobs you’ll need it for. Compare this with the lifting height and range of any jack you are considering, as well as the lifting speed and capacity. Choosing a jack made of high-quality materials will serve you best and last the longest.

How Do You Operate a Farm Jack?

Using a farm jack is easy as long as you do so properly. Start by setting the jack on a stable, even surface, such as dry ground or a flat wooden block. Turn the knob, then move the lifting portion of the jack downward as far as it will go. To engage the jack, turn the knob around.

Place the jack underneath the object you plan to move, securing the lifting arm under a stable surface. Lift and press down the handle until the object you are lifting has reached the desired height. Once you’re ready to lower the object, turn the knob downward and use the same motion you did to raise the object.

What Are the Safety Precautions When Using a Farm Jack?

When operating a farm jack, it’s important to take a few safety precautions to prevent injuries. Wear a pair of thick gloves to help protect your hands from getting pinched should they get too close to any of the jack’s moving parts.

Don’t ever use your jack on muddy or uneven ground, and always make sure the lifting arm pushes up on a stable, secure part of the object you’re lifting. Don’t stand too close to the object as you lift it; very heavy or poorly secured objects may slip from the jack, causing serious injury or death.

How Do You Store a Farm Jack?

When you’re not using your farm jack, store it in a cool, dry place. It should be kept out of direct sunlight, and temperature extremes can weather it more quickly than normal.

Make sure you store your jack standing upright or hanging from a hook. Secure the handle by tying it with ropes or bungee cords, and place cardboard or other protective materials under the base.

How Do You Maintain a Farm Jack?

Properly maintaining your farm jack will ensure it stays in top shape for years to come. Always clean the jack after you use it, ensuring all dirt and debris are removed. Lubricate all moving parts on a regular basis.

Keep the jack away from moisture to prevent the development of rust. When using the jack, make sure you don’t try to lift more than its maximum capacity, and never try to force it. These actions can cause the jack to malfunction and may lead to injury.


For your farm maintenance, a good farm jack is as essential as a good chainsaw. You definitely need it for sorting out punctures and tire changes on large machinery. They are also useful for fixing problems under the chassis, that you cannot see without lifting the vehicle up.

You can find models that are suited for lower down vehicles and those that are more suited to higher loads, but all are tested for strength and suitable for lifting heavy weights. We have picked out a few of the best jacks for farm use, so you don’t have to.

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