Which Is The Best Insulated Bib Overall For Farming?

Farming is a messy business, there’s no doubt about that! Having a bib overall to cover up your clothes, to prevent stains and mess travelling into the house or a vehicle, is essential. What could be better than an overall bib? An insulated overall bib, of course! This means that you can stay clean as well as keeping warm.

Best Insulated Bib Overall: Reviews

If you have never been lucky enough to own one of these items, we have looked through the vast array of products and found three of the best insulated bib overall for farming, so keep you clean and warm while you work.

ImageBib OverallsPrice
TOP PICK: Dickies Men’s Premium Insulated Duck Bib

A great overall bib, that will keep you warm, dry and clean.
Carhartt Men’s Loose Fit Firm Duck Insulated Bib

A great overall with ankle to thigh leg zippers.
Berne Men’s Heritage Insulated Bib Overall

A truly heavy duty bib overall that is value for money.

1. Dickies Men’s Premium Insulated Duck Bib All Review

Dickies Men's Premium Insulated Duck Bib All
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This great bib overall will cover you from head to toe, keeping the worst of the mess away from you and keeping your clothes clean, whilst still keeping you dry and warm!


  • Heavy duty and well made.. This overall bib will stand up to the hardest jobs around the farm, being made of sturdy 100% cotton, and it has reinforced knees so you can kneel down without worrying about it splitting.
  • Easy to take off and put on. With its zip to the waist, this bib will slip on easily, meaning you can just throw it on before you go out to work – no fiddling about with tricky buttons! Perfect for when you need to get out of the door quickly.
  • Water repellent and warm. Ideal for those days when the wind is howling and the rain is pouring but you still need to get your work done, you will stay dry and warm whilst working in this one.
  • Made by a trusted manufacturer. Dickies are a well known, well loved supplier of hard wearing work gear, and have been in business for many years, so you will be well looked after by this brand.


  • The zippers can break. It has been reported that with heavy use, the zippers of this overall can struggle to stand up to the challenge.


A great overall bib, that will keep you warm, dry and clean when you are doing your dirtiest jobs around the farm. A must for any farmer’s wardrobe.

2. Carhartt Men’s Loose Fit Firm Duck Insulated Bib Overall

 Men's Loose Fit Firm Duck Insulated Bib Overall
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An excellent quality overall, this one will keep you protected from the worst of the muck, while keeping you warm and dry too.


  • Ankle to thigh leg zippers. This handy little addition means that this coverall is easy to put on and take off; no faffing about with fiddly fasteners with this one! Exactly what you need when you are heading out of the door quickly.
  • Quilted and insulated. This overall is lined with quilted nylon, making it super warm on the coldest days. It is also insulated with polyester to the waist to keep you warm, but not too sweaty.
  • Secure pockets for storing things. There is nothing worse than having things drop out of your pockets, is there? This coverall bib has a multi compartment pocket, with zip closure to keep your bits and pieces safe, as well as two large front and back pockets for extra storage.
  • Double layered knees. The knee areas are reinforced for extra stability, plus there are openings for placing knee pads to give yourself a little extra cushioning. This feature also means it is easy to clean out anything that might be digging into your knees as you work.


  • Can be hard to layer up. Because these overalls fit so well, it can be a struggle to get enough layers on underneath to keep you warm! You can get around this by buying a bigger size, however.


A great pair of overalls, made by a trusted manufacturer which has the best interests of farmers and hard workers at heart. This pair will keep you warm, dry and clean during even the muckiest of jobs.

3. Berne Men’s Heritage Insulated Bib Overall Review

Berne Men's Heritage Insulated Bib Overall
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A truly heavy duty bib overall, this version will keep you and your clothes protected from mess and muck, and you will stay dry and warm at the same time too.


  • Water repellent coating. This is basically a rain coat as well as a coverall! You will stay dry and warm, thanks to the rain proof coating ,which will see the raindrops simply slide off. It’s  not the best thing for a huge downpour, but it will keep you dry in a shower.
  • Seriously heavy duty construction. With its full length brass zippers, triple stitched seams and 100% cotton construction, this really is a bib coverall designed for the toughest jobs, and it can stand up to some seriously hard work.
  • Easy to wash. Unlike some items of work wear, you don’t have to do anything special to keep this bib clean – simply chuck it in the machine and it will come out sparkling. As an added bonus, it won’t shrink!
  • Offers tool storage. You can throw whatever you need for your working day into the pockets, plus there is a hammer loop for carrying around your heavier tools too. No need to carry a bag or box around with you which can add to your burden.


  • Sizing can be a little tricky. Some buyers have reported that the sizing of this overall runs on the small side, so it is advised that you go for one size up from your usual, just to make sure it is big enough and you can get warm clothes on underneath.


A fantastic bib coverall, that will be easy to throw on over your clothes for your day of work.


When you are looking for a bib coverall, you need something that is practical and easy to wear, first and foremost. Durability is another key factor, as is the ease of washing and drying. Hopefully you can find just the right thing for your messy jobs from the list above!

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