Which Is The Best Paint For Rusty Farm Equipment?

A fresh coat of paint is not only attractive, but it can also really help machinery to last longer. Rust cannot penetrate the surface of the metal if it is covered with paint, especially rust proof paint which is extra suitable for machinery that has to be out and about in all weathers, and often covered in mud!

The best paint for rusty farm equipment will offer good protection for the metal it is covering, at the same time as offering a good chance that rust will not recur. If you’re serious about your machinery maintenance, you definitely need to buy some.

Best Paint For Rusty Farm Equipment: Reviews

Have a look through our chosen products, so you don’t have to spend hours searching the internet for your best paint match.




POR-15 SEMI-Gloss Black Rust Paint 4 Quart KITTOP PICK: SPOR-15 SEMI-Gloss Rust Paint

A great, convenient paint that can be applied on rust.

Rust-Oleum 7466830 Specialty Farm Equipment Spray Paint, 12 oz, International RedRust-Oleum 7466830 Spray Paint

An easy to use, simple to apply paint to prevent rust.

Krylon, Yellow 12 OZKrylon, Yellow Paint

An ideal paint to spruce up John Deere equipment.


1. POR-15 SEMI-Gloss Black Rust Paint4 Quart Kit Review

POR-15 SEMI-Gloss Black Rust Paint 4 Quart KIT

This is an exceptionally convenient paint for rusty metal; plus it is made from the highest quality materials that will do the job it’s meant to do.


  • No need to remove rust. Unlike most paints for rusty metals, you can apply this paint straight onto your rusty material, without the need to remove the rust or clean the area first. This makes it an incredibly easy and convenient solution to rust problems.
  • Dries to an incredible hardness. This paint, when dried, creates a hard, non porous exterior finish that will not peel, crack or chip. This is an excellent protection for the metal.
  • Prevents the recurrence of rust. Because this paint has such a strong, hard finish, it can prevent rust from spreading by completely preventing any moisture from coming into contact with the metal.
  • Ideal for any metal. You can use this paint for literally any rusted metal surface you have, and it will offer the same great protection. It will not react with any metal, and it will cover all surfaces with the same even coverage.


  • The paint is sensitive to UV light. The areas exposed to the sun will need to be top coated to prevent them becoming damaged or degraded.


A great paint for rusty farm material, especially because of the fact that you don’t have to remove the rust first – just let the paint do the work for you! The fact that it prevents against further rust is another massive bonus.


2. Rust-Oleum 7466830 Specialty Farm Equipment Spray Paint Review

Rust-Oleum 7466830 Specialty Farm Equipment Spray Paint, 12 oz, International Red

This paint comes in a handy spray can, which is easy to carry about in the back of a van or a tractor for when it is needed. The spray nozzle also makes it very easy to apply.


  • Great long lasting protection. Made from heavy duty enamel, this paint will offer a protective coating and resist against damage and chips. This is excellent news for farm equipment which is subject to a lot of hard knocks.
  • Excellent color retention. This paint will keep its color well, even after a few years of sunlight and the effects of the elements. It will look as good as new for as long as you can keep from damaging it with bumps and scrapes!
  • Quick drying formula. This paint will dry solid within 24 hours or less – obviously warm weather will help speed up the process, but the quick drying means that you can use the painted section quicker than with some other paints.
  • Easy to apply. The spray can action makes applying this paint extremely easy ad simple, and it is possible to get a really even, smooth covering (and applying it might even be fun!)


  • Paint match may not be the best. Some users have reported trying to paint match to their original colors but have struggled to find an exact match without a slight difference in the color tone.


An easy to use, simple to apply paint, that will make the whole of your farm fleet look like new again. Ideal for preventing the ingress of rust, and therefore making your equipment last longer.


3. Krylon, Yellow, 12 Oz Review

Krylon, Yellow 12 OZ

This high quality paint is easy to apply and a great color match for your yellow items (or to add a splash of color to an entirely different shade of machinery, if you like that sort of patchwork effect!)


  • Resistant to weather and chemicals. Very little can damage this paint, once it is applied and dried on, so you don’t have to worry about the sun bleaching it or the odd spill of something corrosive touching it.
  • Very fast drying. You can touch this paint without getting sticky fingers within 15 minutes, and you can handle it within just one hour. This means that you can do your repairs, then get back on the job quickly.
  • Factory like colors. This yellow matches all generic John Deere colors, and you can be sure that it will match it as close to the factory colors as is possible.
  • High gloss finish. There’s nothing worse than touching up a piece of metal, and matching the color perfectly, only to find that the finish is different. This one offers a quality gloss finish that will make your parts seem like new.


  • Just one can for the price. Some paints offer more than one when you buy them, which is handy if you are doing a big job – this one comes as a single unit, which means you will need to buy more than one for a large repainting job.


This is the ideal paint for those wanting to spruce up John Deere equipment – or even those wanting to add a rust proofing paint to a different colored item. The paint is high quality, glossy and prevents against damage, making it ideal for those last minute farm fixes.


Frequently Asked Questions

best paint for rusty farm equipment Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Paint Old Farm Equipment?

Painting old farm equipment is important for several reasons. Using a high-quality paint to protect the metal can extend the life of your equipment’s metal components, effectively helping it last longer.

What’s more, using paint on rusty farm equipment can seal up areas of rust, preventing them from getting worse. Coating the entire metal surface of your equipment can also help seal out moisture, preventing new rust from developing.

What Are the Different Types of Paint You Could Use?

There are different types of paint you could use for coating your old farm equipment. The most common types of anti-rust paint include aluminum, enamel, and acrylic paints. 

Though each of these paints is composed of different materials, they all have the same basic goal: to provide a protective layer that seals out environmental conditions and prevents rust from forming or worsening.

What Tools Do You Need to Paint Rusty Farm Equipment?

The tools you use to repaint your farm equipment will vary depending on the paint, equipment, and your personal preferences. Assembling the tools of your choice ahead of time can help you stay organized and ensure you have everything you need close at hand once you start the painting process.

Some common tools you may want to use include rust removers, sandpaper, cleaning supplies, wire brushes, and a roller or painting gun.

How Do You Apply the Paint?

Before applying the paint to your equipment, you may want to use a primer first. This provides an extra barrier against rust and helps the paint stick better. When it’s time to apply the paint, it’s best to do so when humidity is below 60 percent and temperatures are between 55 and 75 degrees F.

You can use a paint gun, a roller, or a combination of the two. Apply the paint in smooth, even layers; several thin layers is better than a single thick layer, as each individual layer will dry more quickly and evenly.

How Long Does the Paint Take to Dry?

Thin layers of paint will begin drying right away, but it’s best to give them plenty of time to dry completely before applying another layer. It may take up to 24 hours for each layer to dry, or longer if humidity levels are higher.

Once you have applied all paint layers and they have dried thoroughly, apply an even layer of clear finish to the paint.


The best paint for rusty farm equipment is one that will protect against further rust on metal, as well as covering up existing patches. A paint that is fast drying is a bonus, as is one that means you don’t have to clear off old rust first. The paint must be strong and durable – as all these products are. We hope you’ve found what you are looking for!

And if you’re wondering what else you may need for your machinery maintenance, have a look at this list of farm jacks.

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