how to feed chickens without buying feed

How To Make Your Own Chicken Feed?

If you’ve ever thought about making your own chicken feed, then you’re not alone. It can be a great money-saving idea, plus you know exactly what your hens are getting to eat. Here we will take a closer look at making your own chicken feed and examine what needs to be included and why. What … Read more

how do you keep foxes from killing chickens

How To Keep Foxes Away From Chickens?

It’s devastating when you go to see your beloved chickens only to find their dead carcasses spread around. Foxes, beautiful creatures though they are, can be very determined predators. On several occasions, I have lost my entire free-range flock to foxes and not because I didn’t shut them away at night, but because the foxes … Read more

how to tell if a chicken is laying eggs

How To Tell If A Chicken Is Laying Eggs?

It can be both frustrating and exciting when you’re waiting for your young chickens to start laying their first eggs. There are indications to let you know when it’s about to happen and how to tell if a chicken is laying eggs. Let’s take a closer look at this article where you can learn all … Read more

what are the main ingredients in chicken feed

What Can Chickens Eat [And What To Avoid]

Chickens are omnivores and enjoy a wide variety of foods, including vegetables, fruits, insects, and meat. There are, however, things that can be bad for your birds and may even kill them. In this article, we’re going to be asking what can chickens eat and providing you with some valuable lists for guidance. What Can … Read more

how old is a chicken when it starts laying eggs

How To Start A Chicken Farm {A Simple Guide}

Chicken farming can be fun and profitable activity, even for a small enterprise. It’s rewarding and hands-on, requiring easily obtained knowledge to maintain the health and wellbeing of a flock. In this article, we will look at different types of chicken farming and what you’ll need to set one up. Are you ready to learn … Read more

can chickens survive winter without heat

How To Keep Chickens Warm In Winter Without Electricity?

Many breeds of chicken can tolerate cold winter weather with no problems. For most, it isn’t necessary to artificially heat the coop unless you get really sub-zero conditions. In this article, we will be looking at how to keep chickens warm in winter without electricity. What Temperature is too Cold for Chickens? Unlike people, chickens … Read more

how do you make your own chicken feed

How To Clip A Chicken’s Wings?

The clipping of chicken wings is common practice for many owners. It is usually done to stop birds from flying away over fences or roosting in trees at night. In this article, we will be looking at how to clip a chicken’s wings safely and efficiently. Should I Clip My Chickens Wings? If, for some … Read more

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