how to build a duck pond

How To Build A Duck Pond & Keep It Clean?

There are many different kinds of ponds that you can build for your ducks, and doing so can be pretty easy. If you have the space to build a large, natural pond, it will involve digging by hand or using a backhoe to dig out space you wish to convert into a pond. Begin by … Read more

how do you feed ducks and chickens together

Can Ducks And Chickens Live Together?

While it is possible for ducks and chickens to coexist, there are a few conditions that need to be met to keep them happy. In this article, we answer some frequently asked questions about the differences and similarities between ducks and chickens and provide sound advice on helping them to cohabitate. Can ducks and chickens … Read more

how to use duck eggs

How To Use Duck Eggs: Duck Eggs Recipes

Duck eggs are larger, thicker shelled and more flavorful than chicken eggs. Their deep yellow/orange yolks take up more space in the shell, so they are also a better source of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A and “good” cholesterol. In this article, we discuss the use of duck eggs in cooking and baking. Read … Read more

why do ducks need so much water

What Is The Difference Between A Duck And A Goose?

Ducks and geese are waterfowl belonging to the bird family, Anatidae. Altogether, there are about ninety different species of ducks in the world and as many species of geese. Both types of waterfowl share some similar features, but they also differ in many ways. In this article, we will explore the similarities and differences between … Read more

how to raise a duck as a pet

How To Raise A Duck As A Pet: 101 Guide

In the springtime, we often see ducklings offered for sale in pet stores as Easter gifts. Sadly, most of these little critters end up living short and unhappy lives, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little good planning, ducklings bought as pets can grow up to be happy, healthy pet ducks. … Read more

how do you incubate duck eggs

Duck Eggs 101: How Long Do Duck Eggs Last & More

When you cook and bake with duck eggs, you can enjoy a richness of flavor and texture and a generosity of portions that just is not possible with any chicken eggs. Duck eggs are superior to chicken eggs in terms of flavor, texture and nutrition thanks to lower water content and greater fat and protein … Read more

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