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tips for caring for livestock in the winter

What To Feed Sheep In Winter?

As ruminants, sheep are naturally suited to being raised on mixed pasture. In some domestic settings, it is desirable to feed a richer quality of nourishments for greater milk or meat production, but even in these settings, forage should make up a great percentage of your sheeps’ diet throughout most of the year. Unfortunately, you … Read more

deworming sheep naturally

What Not To Feed Sheep {7 Things To Avoid}

Sheep are pretty easy to feed. They do best on open pasture with fresh forage and hay. Unfortunately, many modern day shepherds have problems with limited grazing facilities. This can lead to dietary mishaps. In this article, we review what not to feed sheep. Read on to learn more. Things To Avoid When Feeding Sheep … Read more

how much drinking water do sheep need

How Much Wool Does A Sheep Produce?

If you are thinking about raising sheep for wool, you are naturally wondering how much wool per sheep you can expect annually. While this may seem like a simple question, it really is not. The amount of wool an individual sheep is able to produce depends upon many factors, including, breed, size, gender, feeding, climate … Read more

how to train a dog to protect livestock

How To Care For A Sheep: A Simple Guide

Sheep have been domesticated for many thousands of years, and they have proven to be extremely useful stock for the small land holder. When you choose the right type of sheep for your homestead, you’ll have a good source of meat, milk and wool. In this article, we explore questions regarding keeping sheep on your … Read more

how to stop a goat from head butting

How To Stop A Goat From Head Butting?

Goats are notorious for head butting, but why do they do it? The simple answer is that head butting is a natural behavior in goats. You’ll see kids butting heads and play, does butting heads in competition for food and other desirable items in situations and bucks butting heads as a show of dominance. In … Read more

are there different types of goat cheese

How Long Does It Take To Raise A Goat For Meat?

Even though in the United States we don’t often eat goat meat, you may be surprised to learn that is one of the most commonly consumed meets worldwide. Goat meat is becoming more popular in the US because of the popularity of homesteading and self sustainability, as well as migration of people of various ethnic … Read more

why do you drench a goat

How Much Space Does A Goat Need?

Goats make great pets, and many people are choosing to keep goats as dairy and meat animals these days because even large goats need less space than dairy or meat cattle. The amount of space you’ll need to keep your goats will depend a great deal on the type of goats you choose in the … Read more

do donkeys sleep standing up

How To Care For A Donkey: A Simple Guide

Whether you have a donkey or are considering acquiring one, it’s important to know exactly what these friendly, sturdy little equines need in the way of care. In this article, we provide smart, sensible tips to help you take good care of your donkey. Read on to learn more on how to care for a … Read more

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