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how to compost donkey manure

How Do You Compost With Donkey Manure?

How to compost donkey manure? Composting with donkey manure is essentially the same as composting with horse manure. Both have a lower nitrogen level than many other types of manure. Both contain a great deal of organic matter and plentiful nutrients. Like horse manure, if your donkey manure has a lot of bedding or wood … Read more

Get to Know Your Individual Donkey

How Do Donkeys Sleep: Do Donkeys Sleep Standing Up?

How do donkeys sleep? Like horses, donkeys usually sleep standing up. When they sleep standing, they experience a light sleep that allows them to become fully alert quickly and run away if necessary. When they are very tired, very relaxed and/or feel very secure they will lie down to sleep. Sleeping lying down, donkeys are … Read more

how much does it cost to buy and keep a donkey

How Much Does A Donkey Cost?

If you’ve been thinking about getting a donkey, you may be wondering how much it will cost to acquire your new pet and how much it will cost to keep him or her. So how much does a donkey cost? As with most equines, the cost of purchase varies widely, ranging from free to many … Read more

How Are Donkeys’ Hooves Different

How To Trim Donkey Hooves?

Just a casual glance at donkeys’ hooves will inform you that they are rather different from horses’ hooves. In appearance, a donkey’s hoof is more compact and has a more straight up-and-down wall. A horse’s hoof is a bit wider and has a slanting wall. Donkeys’ hooves differ from horses’ hooves in more ways than … Read more

signs of a donkey being pregnant

How To Tell If A Donkey Is Pregnant?

Did you have your jenny bred, or have you just acquired a jenny through gift, purchase or rescue? In any of these situations, you have good reason to wonder if your new donkey is pregnant. Alternately, you may have a nice quiet jenny in your pasture who slips away for a day or has a … Read more

Why Are Donkeys So Well Suited As Pack Animals

How Much Weight Can A Donkey Carry?

Donkeys are stronger and more surefooted than horses, and they are much more dependable in challenging situations. Maybe that’s why they have been well known as “beasts of burden” throughout human history. Even today, all around the world donkeys are an important mode of transportation and way of carrying goods from one place to another. … Read more

donkeys are sociable animals

How To Get A Donkey To Trust You?

Many horse people are baffled by donkey behavior because they start off with one big mistake. They expect donkeys to be like horses, but this just isn‘t the case. Donkeys are smarter than horses, and they tend to think things through. For this reason, even if you are dealing with a donkey who has never … Read more

how do you teach a donkey to lead

How Much Land Does A Donkey Need?

If you’re going to have a donkey, you’ll need to have two. Donkeys are very sociable, and they like to be kept in small herds. If you’re not able to have two donkeys, a donkey will bond with a pony, horse, cow or other creature. Be careful about putting donkeys with animals that are smaller … Read more

how do you butcher a domestic goose

How To Butcher A Goose?

If you raised your own poultry this year or perhaps were lucky enough to be successful in your waterfowl hunt, you might be curious about how to butcher a goose. Geese can be more challenging to process than chickens or turkeys simply because they have more feathers and down – but rest assured, it can … Read more

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