how to make sunflower oil

How To Make Sunflower Oil In Your Homestead?

Sunflower oil is an incredibly useful addition to a store cupboard. You can use it for cooking, for making salad dressings, for preserving foods, as well as a few other purposes such as home made beauty treatments and supplements for pet food. Sunflower oil is healthy, as it contains significant amounts of vitamin E, along …

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equipment for making sunflower oil

Why Are My Sunflowers Dying Or Wilting?

As a farmer, your mission is to keep your plants healthy and growing, right? If they suddenly stop growing, or look like they have health issues, you will want to get them sorted as soon as possible, so you still end up with a gorgeous crop of beautiful flowers and useful seeds. If you have …

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are sunflowers poisonous to dogs

Are Sunflowers Poisonous To Dogs And Cats?

As a farm owner with your own farm dog, you will be keen to know which plants you can grow in your farm/homestead/garden that will be beautiful and productive, and also ones which will not cause your dogs any problems. There are a great many plants that are harmful to pets, but are sunflowers poisonous …

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how to store sunflower oil

Can You Grow Sunflowers In A Pot?

Most plants like to be planted out in the wilds, free to grow as nature intended. We humans, however, like to grow them where we can look at them, admire them and look after them. It is lovely to have plants in pots around the place, brightening up corners and bringing the outside in. This …

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how to grow quinoa

How To Grow Quinoa: A Simple Guide

Quinoa is one of the most popular pseudo-grains available at any health food store. It is rapidly replacing the demand for wheat, oats, barley, and other traditional grains at homesteads where the nutritional quality of the food produced is of utmost importance. You can read all about the nutrition of quinoa here. But, it’s expensive …

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why are my sunflowers wilting

How To Protect Sunflowers From Birds?

Sunflowers are not only attractive to us humans, but also to our feathered friends. Birds love them, especially when the seeds are ripe! If you need to know how to protect sunflowers from birds, we have a few tips for you. Protecting Sunflowers From Being Eaten By Birds Sunflowers are most at risk from birds …

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how to harvest sunflowers

How To Harvest Sunflowers: FAQs

Now that you have grown your crop of beautiful sunflowers, you will want to know how to harvest sunflowers. When is the best time, and how do you do it? Read on for our best tips on doing just this! When Are Sunflowers Ready To Harvest When you harvest your sunflowers depends on what you …

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sunflowers are good for bees

How To Prune Sunflowers: A Simple Guide

Why would I want to prune my sunflowers, I hear you cry? They’re so bright and beautiful, why would I want to cut any part of them down? Pruning can improve the health, and the attractiveness, of any plant, and sunflowers are no exception. Well, sunflowers do get very big, very quickly, and if you …

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best sunflowers to grow in pots

How To Preserve Sunflowers: From Flowers To Seeds

Sunflowers are a beautiful sight, and will brighten up bouquets of cut flowers instantly – although they are pretty big, and might overshadow the other flowers! They can also be displayed on their own to showcase their beauty. Read on to learn more on how to preserve sunflowers. What Can You Preserve From Sunflowers All …

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how to revive a dying sunflower

When Should You Plant Sunflowers?

Sunflowers are a very forgiving plant, but like all plants they will benefit from being planted at the right time and in the right conditions, for the best results. Sunflowers are generally a summer plant, as you can tell by the name – they follow the sun, and turn to face it as it moves …

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