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how to store barley

How To Store Barley: A Simple Guide

The best way of storing uncooked barley at home is in airtight containers in a cool, dry place. If you want to use it for animal feed on your homestead, place it into plastic drums with a tightly fitting lid. This will prevent vermin or insects from contaminating the barley. If you continue reading, you’ll … Read more

can barley be used to make bread

How To Grow Barley [A Simple Guide]

Barley is an easy to grow, inexpensive crop with several valuable advantages. It can be used as an animal and human food source, in beer and whiskey making, or as a way to protect topsoil during drought conditions. It is excellent for weed suppression and erosion control and can be used in coastal areas due … Read more

how to prune a corn plant

How To Prune A Corn Plant [Video Inside]

Corn plants, also known as dracaenas, are laid-back plants that are easy to care for. Aside from removing dead or damaged leaves, pruning your corn plant is optional. You may even choose to let it grow one year, and prune it back the next. Although they aren’t very picky, there are a few tips to … Read more

cotton yarn dyeing process: step by step

How To Dye Cotton Yarn [Video Inside]

If you’re all too familiar with the struggle of finding the perfect yarn color for your next project, you’ve come to the right place. Dying cotton yarn is surprisingly simple, even if your DIY skills are minimal. This article talks about which dyes to use, and how to dye yarn both naturally and with store-bought … Read more

how to grow soybeans for deer

How To Grow Soybeans For Deer?

To help improve deer populations, it has become a common practice to grow food plots to supplement their regular diet. One popular plant used for this is soybean, as it is an excellent protein source and can be very beneficial. In this article, I will explain exactly how to grow soybeans for deer. Why Should … Read more

how to roast soybeans

How To Roast Soybeans [For Feeding To Animals]

Soybeans are a popular animal feed due to their high-quality protein content and relatively low cost. These are two essential factors to farmers around the world, and the only real downside to soybeans is that they do require a certain amount of processing before they can be fed to some animals. In this article, we … Read more

why roast soybeans

How To Store Soybeans [For Animal Feed]

Soybeans are a popular choice of animal feed because of their high protein content. They are easy to grow during the summer and are ready to harvest in around 80 days after the seeds have been planted in warm soil. Storing your crop of soybeans for animal feed requires some care, and we will look … Read more

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