What is the average age of a farmer today

Cultivator Maintenance: What You Should Know

A cultivator can be one of the best tools on your homestead for prepping new planting areas and keeping existing crop plots free from weeds that steal nutrients and hydration. Cultivator maintenance is typically overlooked by many farming enthusiasts, and the machinery ends up not taken care of and working in a less-than-optimal way. So, … Read more

How Do I Level Soil With A Cultivator

How To Use A Tractor Cultivator [A Short Guide]

Sometimes a plot of land needs more cultivation than a walk-behind unit can provide. In these situations, it helps to have a tractor to utilize a cultivator attachment to make short work of the cultivation. While cultivating isn’t an overly-complicated process, the involvement of large machinery, like a tractor, can turn some small-scale homesteaders away … Read more

how to make a cultivator

How To Make A Cultivator {DIY Guide + Video}

Using a cultivator to prep new garden beds and reduce weed growth during the growing season for your crops is a great idea. But, there are hundreds of cultivators on the market with many of them costing a pretty penny. Us homesteaders typically like to live frugally, so learning how to make a cultivator using … Read more

how to set up a field cultivator

What Does A Cultivator Do On A Farm?

Whether you are looking for a small tool for a new garden plot or new to cultivate a large plot of land, a cultivator has many uses on the homestead. That means knowing what a cultivator can do for your farm is important, no matter what type of farming you are doing. It may not … Read more

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