Hand Tools

What is a Wheelbarrow

The Wheelbarrow: User Guide

The wheelbarrow has been in existence for several thousands of years. Designed as a simple hand cart, they are used to simplify the moving of items without the need of mechanical means all around the world, and remain popular today. In this article, we will learn more about the humble wheelbarrow and its ancient roots. … Read more

What are Secateurs Used For

Secateurs And Pruning Shears {A User Guide}

Secateurs, pruning shears, anvil pruners, or just plain pruners are a small hand tool, used for cutting stems, stalks, and branches. They are popular with gardeners, arboriculturists, plant nursery workers, farmers, flower arrangers, and conservationists who require a sharp, precision cutting tool.  What are Secateurs Used For? Secateurs are used for trimming plants such as … Read more

What is a Scythe Used for

The Scythe: How To Use It & More

The scythe is an essential agricultural hand implement used by people in many parts of the world. It has a slightly curved blade fitted to a long curving shaft, often with two additional handles projecting from it. The origin of the scythe is unknown, but the first records begin in Europe around the 8th century … Read more

What is the Difference Between a Sickle and a Scythe

The Sickle: How To Use It & More

A sickle is an ancient tool used for the harvesting of cereal crops and for clearing land. It has existed for many thousands of years, being made from materials of the time. Early on, these were flint and bone, while they are hardened steel and plastic in the present day. A sickle blade is usually … Read more

farm hand tools and their uses

35 Farm Hand Tools And Their Uses

For jobs around the homestead, having the proper hand tools is essential. Equipping yourself with the best tools for the job makes everything much quicker and easier, getting things done correctly the first time around. Chainsaws and weed whackers have their place but aren’t always reliable. Hand tools get the job done without the need … Read more

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