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what is a combine used for on a farm

What Is A Combine Used For On A Farm?

Combines are essential, complex machines that are used for harvesting many different types of grains in mass quantities. The full name of this piece of essential machinery is combine harvester, but farmers know this vital tool simply as a combine. What is a combine used for on a farm? Read on to learn more. History … Read more

price of combine harvesters

How To Clean Out A Combine: Step By Step

At the end of the harvest, it’s important to give your combine a good cleaning to prevent having weed seed and vermin over winter inside your machinery. Before you put your combine away for the winter months, you must perform a complete cleaning that will give you the opportunity to locate any maintenance needs and … Read more

how to choose the right combine harvester

How To Run A Combine: A Simple Guide

A combine is an essential time and energy saver on the farm. It takes the place of quite a bit of manpower and horsepower, but how do you drive it, and how fast can it go? In this article, we review the basic steps of combine operation and provide smart tips for boosting speed. Read … Read more

Combines have been in use on farms in the United States since 1935

What Is A Combine & How Does It Work?

When it’s harvest season, you’ll see combines in a wide variety of crop fields all across the US. What is a combine; what do combines do; and how do they work? In this article, we discuss the ways in which this versatile machine works to streamline the harvesting process and help farmers make the most … Read more

what does a backhoe look like

How To Make Money With A Backhoe?

When you set out to make money with a backhoe, the first thing you’ll encounter is expense. Amassing your equipment will set you back significantly, but if you play your cards right, manage your money well and control your expenses, you will soon reap the rewards of running your own backhoe business. In this article, … Read more

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