farm tasks are many and varied

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Farm?

How much does it cost to get started in farming these days? There is no simple answer to this question. Your startup costs depend on many variables including the country or state where you live, the amount of land that you want, the crops and livestock you intend to keep and much more. In this …

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best wood chipper for small farm

How To Choose The Best Wood Chipper For Small Farm?

If you live on a farm, you probably have to deal with a lot of wood. From chopping down trees that are in the wrong place, to dealing with large quantities of wood, to removing fallen limbs, you will probably find that you have to process a lot of different types of wood! If you …

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how to remove small rocks from soil

How To Remove Small Rocks From Soil?

When starting a new farm, you may realize that small rocks, gravel, and pebbles impact the properties of your soil in ways that may be unfavorable. In some cases, like when building specialty garden beds or making a soil mix for starting seeds, you may decide to remove small rocks to improve your soil quality. …

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manual for zero waste farm

Manual For Zero Waste Farm: What is Zero Waste Farming?

Around the world, the concept of zero waste agriculture or zero waste farms is becoming more and more popular. As we become increasingly aware that we have only one planet and that our resources are finite, we are coming to realize that we must make the most of what we have and behave as good …

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what is zero waste farming

Why Is Plastic Waste A Problem On Farms?

Plastic is a marvelous innovation, but unfortunately it is an innovation that lasts forever. When plastic wears out or when it is no longer needed, it never decomposes on its own. As a result, bits of plastic both large and small end up littering the landscape clogging up waterways and eventually making their way into …

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rules of zero waste farming

What You Need To Know About Recycling On A Farm?

Life on a farm is all about making the most of what you’ve got. This is why the old adage, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!” Is so often applied to farm life. Farmers have always been master recyclers and have come up with lots of creative, innovative ways …

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why is composting so important

How To Compost On A Farm {A Simple Guide}

Composting is the way that nature turns waste into soil. It happens naturally all around us all the time, and on a farm it is an excellent process to harness as a way of getting rid of unwanted organic matter to create desirable planting material. Can you compost on a big farm? In this article, …

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can you compost on a big farm

How To Prepare Soil For Organic Farming?

Organic farming requires healthy soils to provide your plants with all the adequate nutrients they need to grow healthy, be free of disease, and produce a bountiful harvest. Aside from just nutrients, your soil must also contain the thriving biology of microorganisms and insects that play important roles in your soil’s nutrient cycle and plant’s …

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old rusted farm implements

Can You Recycle Old Rusted Farm Implements?

Farms are notorious for generating piles of rusty, broken equipment, tools and tires. At the end of your harvest season, you may find yourself with quite a bit of worn out equipment. What can you do to get rid of this eyesore and possibly turn a profit? In this article, we discuss the many ways …

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recycling is good land stewardship

7 Uses For Old Tires On The Farm

There are so many different types of farm equipment that need strong, sturdy tires that it doesn’t take long for old tires stack up all around your farm. Even when they wear out or become damaged, old tires are still fairly indestructible in terms of being able to break down naturally. As matter of fact, …

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