How To Make Dried Apricots

How To Make Dried Apricots {Step By Step}

Dried apricots are delicious and make a great snack or the perfect ingredient for all kinds of sweet and savory dishes. The main problem is cost. They are pretty expensive, and commercial apricots are often treated with chemicals to stop them from browning. The good news is you can dry your own apricots at home, … Read more

How To Dry Apricots Using A Dehydrator

How To Store Apricots At Home?

Both fresh and dried apricots are delicious, not to mention apricot jam and chutney, which are fantastic ways to conserve your apricots for a long time. You can store fresh or dried apricots at home quite easily, and by using a refrigerator or freezer can extend their longevity even further. Read on to discover how … Read more

How To Store Fresh Apricots

How To Pick Apricots: A Simple Guide

Due to the delicate nature of ripe apricots, which bruise easily, they are best picked individually by hand. Commercially this is done on lifts, ladders, or with picking poles. Ideally, keeping your apricot tree pruned in an open shape with four or five strong scaffold branches will allow for easy hand harvesting. But are there … Read more

How Do You Repel Birds

How To Save A Dying Apricot Tree?

A healthy apricot tree will provide abundant sweet and delicious fruit for many years. Even old apricot trees can often be revived to become productive once more, provided the trunk is healthy. Saving a dying apricot tree requires you to first deduce why the tree is dying. Often you will be able to rescue it, … Read more

Apricot Varieties Suited to Warmer Climates

What Is The Sweetest Apricot Tree?

Apricots are delicious, soft, stoned summer fruits with a sweet and often tart flavor. There is an extensive range of varieties to choose from, some suited to cold climates and others to warmer ones. It can be fun to discover which is your favorite. As to answering which is the sweetest apricot tree – that … Read more

How Do You Prune An Apricot Tree

How To Prune An Apricot Tree?

To keep an apricot tree not only healthy but productive and looking good, means it will require some pruning. The pruning process is simply removing branches that are not wanted to leave an open form that allows light to penetrate through the tree. The process of pruning begins immediately when you plant the tree. Let’s … Read more

Choosing the Right Apricot Variety

How To Grow An Apricot Tree From A Seed?

Plump, ripe, juicy apricots are a delicious summertime treat. Have you ever considered growing an apricot tree of your own? You don’t even need to visit your garden store, as it’s possible to take the pit straight out of the fruit and grow yourself a tree from that. In this article, we will explore how … Read more

how do you rejuvenate an old apricot tree

How To Care For An Apricot Tree?

Apricot trees can produce an abundance of delicious, sweet fruits earlier than many other fruit trees. They can survive relatively cold winters and like warm, dry summers. There are many different types to suit different climates and plot sizes, but how do you take care of an apricot tree? Let’s find out. How Do You … Read more

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