Which Are The Best Duck Egg Cartons?

If you have a large flock of ducks, or you don’t eat many eggs, or you are looking to sell your eggs, you are going to need some egg cartons. You can, of course, just use old egg cartons that you buy your eggs in – but a much better idea is to browse through or lists of the best duck egg cartons, to really put your own stamp on your egg brand.

Duck eggs are generally larger than chicken eggs, and much bigger than quail eggs, so you may find that reusing old boxes is not an option.

Top Duck Egg Cartons (My Favorites)

If you’re in a hurry, here is the summary of my top three choices:

Egg Cartons- Adorable Printed Design for Farm Fresh Eggs, Recycled Paper Cardboard, Sturdy &...
  • Printed Egg Cartons with Blank a Center Area for Your Custom Stamp
  • Blank Stamping Area In Center Measures 2.25” x 2.25”
  • Made from Sturdy 100% Recycled Paper- Reusable and Biodegradable- Great for Crafts
  • Includes FDA Required Safe Handling Instructions and Designations
Hershuing 60 Grid Large Capacity Egg Holder for Refrigerator, Household Egg Fresh Storage Box for...
  • Container's sturdy cover allows stacking for extra fridge storage space. Drawer type design, dust-proof and moisture-proof, easy to take.
  • Made of food grade PP material, safety and environmental protection, solid and durable; can stackable storage, neat and beautiful, space saving, keep refrigerator organized and clean, convenient and...
  • Storage scene: table, restaurant, kitchen, capacity: 15L, scope of application: eggs, number of eggs: 60 rounds (30 rounds per layer).
  • 60 grid large capacity, double layer design, can store 30 eggs per layer, free storage and more space saving Egg tray fixing, groove design, each egg is placed separately, prevent shaking, effectively...
Cornucopia Duck Egg Cartons (8-Pack); Plastic Jumbo Egg Containers for Duck and Turkey Egg Storage
  • VALUE 8-PACK: Receive eight large tri-fold cartons each holding a dozen duck eggs or jumbo chicken eggs; also receive a set of labels for providing “use by” date
  • SIZE: Individual egg space measures 2.8 inches height by 1.9 inch diameter; CARTON SIZE: 12 X 4 3/16 X 3 1/8 inches
  • TRI-FOLD: Tri-fold cartons gives your eggs extra protection from breakage
  • MULTI-USE: Ideal for duck eggs of medium to large size or jumbo chicken eggs; also use for sorting and arts & crafts projects and bath bomb holder

1. Blank Stamping Egg Cartons

Egg Cartons- Adorable Printed Design for Farm Fresh Eggs, Recycled Paper Cardboard, Sturdy &...

This is a simple, traditional type of egg box; in cardboard with spaces to store eggs. It is what most of us expect when we think of egg boxes, and it will be perfect to store and transport your clutch.


  • Made from 100% recycled cardboard. This is great for those of us (well, most of us!) who want to be kind to the environment and reduce their carbon footprint. This also means that these cartons can be reused into other projects.
  • Blank centre for your customisation. You can purchase a stamp that is unique to your farm or egg business, and stamp it proudly in the centre of this cardboard box to advertise your wares. These are sold separately, but they are cheap and easy to find.
  • Cutouts in the packaging to show off your eggs. Everyone likes to know what they’re buying, right? With this box, everyone can admire the beauty of the eggs within! This also means you can check that they are all intact.
  • Sturdy and strong. Let’s face it, when you’re moving eggs about, you need some packaging that is strong enough to prevent an accidental omelette, and this box will keep your eggs safe and secure.


  • The seams are not the sturdiest. These egg boxes do have a tendency to crack and develop holes along the seams, if they are opened and closed too much, or reused over and over again.


A great option for taking your eggs to sell at market with your brand logo, or simply for giving egg gifts to family or friends, these simple boxes may be just what you are looking for.

2. Hershuing 60 Grid Large Capacity Egg Holder

Hershuing 60 Grid Large Capacity Egg Holder for Refrigerator, Household Egg Fresh Storage Box for...

A large, unusual looking egg storage container, this one has a lot of space to store a lot of eggs – perfect for if you have a duck farm, or you need to transport a lot of eggs safely.


  • Stores a lot of eggs. For those who have a lot of ducks and a lot of eggs, this egg storage solution is great – it can hold up to 60 eggs at a time, perfect for those with large flocks who have a lot of eggs to store or transport.
  • Easy to slide into the refrigerator. This storage solution is perfect for fitting right into your fridge, or into a cupboard if you don’t like to store eggs in the fridge. It will also be easy to stack one box on top of another to save space.
  • Prevents eggs from banging into each other. Keeping the eggs apart from each other, especially if they are being transported, is essential to avoid a lot of mess! Your eggs will be safe from damage with this sturdy tray.
  • See through for visibility. You will never have to worry about accidentally running out of eggs again; this container is see through so you know exactly how many eggs you have left and work out when it needs refilling.


  • No drawer stopper. If you are getting out eggs in a hurry, bear in mind that there is no stopper to prevent the drawer from flying out and all your precious eggs ending up all over the floor!


A great solution for both storing and transporting all your eggs, this one will save space, as well as looking attractive in your kitchen or display table at local markets.

3. Cornucopia Duck Egg Cartons 8-Pack

Cornucopia Duck Egg Cartons (8-Pack); Plastic Jumbo Egg Containers for Duck and Turkey Egg Storage

These egg boxes are ideal for those who want to sell their eggs at a farmer’s market, or to start a business producing and selling eggs, and tend to be stronger than cardboard boxes too.


  • They come in multi packs. Each of these containers hold a dozen eggs, and there are eight in every packet you buy, so that’s a fair few eggs to keep safe, and to sell or to give away!
  • Can be used for a variety of eggs. You can fill these boxes with either extra large hen’s eggs, or duck eggs – or even smaller duck eggs if you have birds that lay a smaller variety. Very small duck eggs, or normal sized hens eggs are not suitable, however.
  • Can be used for other purposes. Once these egg cartons have served their purpose as egg carriers, they can be reused as craft equipment holders; jewellery storage; bath bomb holders – the list goes on! Anything samall enough to be stored will be kept safe.
  • Environmentally friendly material used in construction. The plastic used for this egg holder is PET#1, and therefore BPA free, and is widely recycleable as well as reusable for other purposes.


  • Smaller than some duck egg holders. If your ducks lay larger than usual eggs, they might struggle to find space inside these egg holes.


A great egg storage solution, this package will hold many good sized eggs and can be easily transported from place to place and stored when they arrive. They will also keep your eggs safe, as they are a pretty sturdy storage option.


Whether you are setting up in the duck egg business, or giving eggs away to friends and family – or simply storing them in your own kitchen, having good egg storage really is a must.

Now that you have some idea of the best duck egg cartons that are out there, you really can put all your eggs in the one basket!

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