[Explained] How Fast Does A UTV Go?

UTVs are built for utility and versatility and not so much for speed. How fast does a UTV go? Generally speaking, 50 mph is top speed. For most circumstances, this is certainly fast enough. In some UTVs, you can expect the top speed of around 80 mph. With modifications, you can get higher speeds.

What Can You Do to Increase The Maximum Speed of Your UTV?

what can you do to increase the maximum speed of utv

There are a number of things you can do to make your recreational vehicle to go faster, but it’s probably not a good idea. Even so, here are a couple of simple fixes you can perform to get a few more miles per hour out of your vehicle:

1. Replace the exhaust. Standard exhaust pipes may restrict flow and power. Larger exhaust pipes can give you little more speed, but they may be noisy.

2. Purchase an engine remapping module. You can reprogram your engine to deliver more power. This may be necessary if you get new exhaust pipes.

Remember that making these kinds of changes could void your warranty.

Your Tires Affect Your Speed!

Always evaluate your planned use of your UTV and choose the right tires for the situation. For example if you’re going to be using your recreational vehicle in a rough, muddy area you’ll want large, aggressive tires.

If you’re traveling over dunes or other smoother surfaces at a higher speed, your choice will be entirely different.

Performance UTV Tire Shootout

Familiarize Yourself With Your Vehicle

Don’t make any modifications until you fully understand what you’re dealing with. Before you do anything, thoroughly review your owner’s manual. You may find the very best information for optimizing power and speed contained within its pages.

Is A High Powered UTV Necessary?

The more power your recreational vehicle has the more money you’re going to spend to purchase it. When choosing the strength and speed of your future UTV, think about what you actually want to do with it.

It’s a good idea to settle on a model that has slightly more power than you really need, but there’s no need to go whole hog and spend a significantly greater amount of money than you need to.

Should You Drive A UTV Over 80 MPH?

All things considered, 80 mph is more than ample speed for this type of recreational vehicle. Keep in mind that it is faster than any road speed in a vehicle that is less equipped to handle wrecks and accidents.

You’re far better off driving your UTV at a speed that is both enjoyable and safe, and 80 mph is probably not it.

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How Can Speeds Be Limited?

how can speeds be limited

You can also limit the top speed of these vehicles by adjusting the throttle limiter. This is easily done with simple tools. This can be a good idea when you first start out and are just getting used to your machine.

The power and speed of some machines can be limited by use of digital keys. The manufacturers provide different keys that access different levels of power. This feature is not usually available on lower-priced UTVs.

This option can be a good idea when you have several different operators of different ages and/or experience.

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