[Explained] Why Are UTVs So Expensive?

Many people wonder why UTVs are so expensive. Is it really worth it to spend $30,000 or more on an entirely recreational vehicle? In this article, we explore this question and provide some answers. Read on to learn more.

A UTV Is In A Class Of Its Own

utv is in a class of its ownTo put it in perspective, compare top-performing passenger cars to top performing race cars. The cost of a passenger car and the cost of a race car can be hundreds of thousands of dollars apart. The reason for this is a race car is a far higher performing vehicle.

When comparing passenger cars and UTVs, the performances fairly similar and so is the price tag.

Understand The Market

Another factor that influences the price of UTVs is the simple fact that people are willing to pay the price. As long as that holds true, the companies that make these vehicles will continue to charge the prices they can get.

Understand The Improvements!

To begin to understand the practical reasons why UTVs are so expensive, it’s important to realize that a great many improvements have been made since they first hit the scene in 2009.

In terms of horsepower, suspension travel and more, these vehicles have a great deal more power, maneuverability and versatility than they once had.

Since the early part of this century, UTVs’ horsepower potential has increased fourfold. Many of these vehicles now use 32 inch tires with suspension allowing 25 inches in wheel travel. This is one of the factors that has caused the price of sports side by sides (SxS) to double in the past few years.

Three Different Types Of UTVs Have Different Price Tags

three different types of utvs

1. Utility UTVs Are Work Horses

They are good for hauling and towing and are often used on farms and around jobsites. These are basic vehicles that are not intended for recreation.

These basic models will have roofs and doors but do not have performance modifications. This work machinery is in constant demand, and you can expect the price tag to remain consistent.

2. Sport UTVs

Sport UTVs are becoming more and more popular by the day. This type of SxS are especially designed to be rugged and tough to make their way over all sorts of obstacles with little or no trouble.

They are intended to be used for recreation at high speeds, and they are not a practical vehicle by any means. Ironically, this is why they carry an extremely high price tag.

3. Sport/Utility UTVs Hybrid

Sport/Utility UTVs combine the best of both recreational and practical UTVs. This type of vehicle can carry up to six people, so it’s quite popular for families. A sport/utility UTV has a roof and doors for greater safety yet still offers the mobility and excitement of off-road fun.

Why Are Side-by-Sides So Expensive? Here’s The Answer!

How Much Do UTVs Cost?

The price you pay for your UTV depends on a number of different factors and can range from a few thousand to over $30,000.

This is all dependent upon variables such as make and model; features and accessories; power and speed and of course the age and condition of the vehicle you choose.

If you’re looking for more answers about your UTV, here is a guide on how to clean its interior.

2 thoughts on “[Explained] Why Are UTVs So Expensive?”

  1. They have gotten insane! Side by sides have doubled in price in about 7 years and you are an idiot if you buy one at these prices! I priced one today that listed for 23,000 dollars, they priced it to me out the door for over 31,000 dollars! I got mad, they pissed me off and I left and told them I would never let them rip me off like that! My son runs farms for a major University, they tried to get him to buy some side by sides, he ask them why would he do that when he could by pick up trucks for the same price and would be much more useful! He purchased several for a lab he worked at a couple of years ago, but said now they just make no sense at all at these prices!


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