How To Grow Asparagus In A Container?

Are you a frustrated gardener with not enough outdoor space to plant your favorite crops? Well fear not – we are here to tell you how to grow asparagus in a container!

This popular and delicious vegetable actually grows well in pots and containers, so you can grow it no matter if you only have a balcony on which to do so.

Does Asparagus Grow Well In Containers?

does asparagus grow well in containers

As well as growing in the ground, asparagus can be grown very well in a container, as long as you make sure they have enough space and the right conditions.

  1. Take a large container and add a layer of gravel, followed by some good quality, well draining compost.
  2. Plant the asparagus crowns, and leave them well alone for the first two years (yes, this is frustrating, but it is worth it in the end!)
  3. After two years you can harvest your asparagus happily!
  4. Your container needs to be placed in as close to full sunlight as possible, for best results.
  5. Keep it weed free, and ensure that you keep an eye on it for signs of pest damage.
  6. One advantage of growing asparagus in pots is that you can move them around if conditions are not ideal – not something you can do if they are planted in the ground.

Asparagus actually respond really well to being grown in containers, unlike many other plants.

Because you can move the pot about to get the best sunlight conditions, growing asparagus in containers is great if you have a very small patch of garden.

You will be amazed at the crops you can grow in containers – as long as you follow the rules to grow asparagus well then you can boss a container garden!

This is a really informative video on how to grow asparagus in containers, in case you need some more inspiration:

How Much Space Does An Asparagus Need?

Despite the diminutive look of the little crowns when you first plant them, asparagus is a plant that likes a lot of space.

If it is not allowed enough space to grow and spread, you will only be able to harvest your asparagus plants for a couple of years, rather than decades.

Prepare your asparagus for its growing life by planting them at least 18 inches apart. Any less than this and you won’t get the results you want.

Asparagus should also be kept at a distance from your other veg, as the fronds tend to grow, wave about, and can block out light for other plants.

You may think that container growing may stunt their growth, and this can be true if you select a small pot.

But as long as you have a good, deep container large enough for the roots to spread, you can have a great container asparagus bed.

How Long Does Asparagus Take To Grow In A Container?

In the same way as asparagus plants in the ground take a while to produce, asparagus grown in pots should only be harvested in its third year.

  • Take a large container (a 4ft square pot should be enough for about 8 asparagus plants).
  • Add a layer of gravel to the bottom of the pot, to allow good drainage.
  • Fill the pot with fertile, well draining compost, and gently place in the crowns.
  • Cover them with 2 inches of mulch, for nutrients and to protect the young plants.
  • Water them in well, then place the pot in a sunny position – full sun is best, but dappled sun will also suffice.
  • As the shoots appear, cover them with compost until there is about an inch left uncovered. Continue until the compost reaches the level of the container.
  • You will need to leave these plants in their pots for the first two years; only harvest the stems during the third year of growth.
  • Until the third year, you should continue to trim back the foliage and care for the plants as you would any other.
  • Keep the bed weed free, and ensure that no pests start to take over.

Does Asparagus Need Full Sun?

Asparagus is a sun lover, and will perform at its best if it is kept in a full sun position in your garden.

It will, however, tolerate a bit of dappled shade if you cannot get it in a totally sunny position.

This plant likes to be warm, and needs all the sunlight it can get in order to produce those beautiful green spears that we all know and love.

If your asparagus is grown without enough sunlight, the spear will be whiter rather than greener – this will not affect the flavor too much, but it is something to bear in mind.

This is a very informative article that tells you all you need to know about asparagus, including its sun preferences.

Even if you don’t have the space you would like to grow your favorite vegetable, you can still produce a fine asparagus crop in containers.

Final Words

Now that you know how to grow asparagus in a container, you can be the envy of your friends and neighbors with your beautiful asparagus!

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