How To Move A Non-Running Skid Steer?

There are several different ways to move a non-running skid steer, but no matter which one you choose, it can be quite a task because the vast majority of skid steers are not equipped with a neutral gear. Even so, there is a workaround for that problem for some types of skid steers as described in this video:

In the final analysis, the method you need to use for moving your stranded skip steer will depend upon its make and model and the resources available to you. So how to move a non running skid steer?

Gather Your Tools

Generally speaking, here’s what you’ll need if you have to move a non-running skid steer:

  • A track hoe or front end loader
  • A high test 20 foot chain
  • A socket set
  • A breaking bar
  • A pry bar

Be advised that if you try to tow your skid steer without first disengaging mechanical parts, you may end up damaging the transmission and hydraulic pumps.

Even if you only have a short distance to go, be sure to disengage all mechanical parts before attempting to move your skid steer.

It is most advisable to use heavy equipment to move a non-running skid steer. Doing otherwise could cause damage to the hydraulic pumps and the driveshaft.

3 Alternatives For Moving A Stuck Skid Steer

alternatives for moving a stuck skid steer

1. Attach your high test 20 foot chain to the cage frame of the skid steer

Connect the chain to the front end loader bucket or the track hoe. Lift the skid steer and move it this way if you are able to access the right heavy equipment to do so. Using this method, you will be most unlikely to cause damage to your skid steer.

2. Use your pry bar, breaking bar and socket set to remove the drive chains

Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to pull your skid steer without damaging the hydraulic pumps or the driveline. Be advised that you won’t be able to steer your skid steer, so you should not use this method if you’re taking a long distance.

3. Remove the driveshaft of the skid steer

You’ll be able to tow your skid steer without damaging the transmission if you remove the driveshaft. On some types of skid steer, it’s a lot easier to remove the driveshaft than it is to remove the drive chains.

The Skid Steer Broke Down

Be Safe!

If you need to use a jack or dolly to lift or shift your skid steer, remember that this piece of equipment is much heavier than a standard car.

Skid loaders can weigh over 6000 pounds, so be certain that any equipment you use in your moving operation is capable of handling the weight. Skid steers can help you move a shed, but if they are non-running, it’s quite difficult to move them as you can see from this article.

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  1. Skid steer was running good and just stopped, any idea on what to look for? It’s around a 1970 and we need to find what parts it could be or move it as soon as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It stopped and has no spark. Thank you


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