How To Prepare Sweet Potatoes For Dogs?

Dogs, although they are carnivores, also benefit enormously from having vegetables added to their food. How to prepare sweet potato for dogs? We are here to help you!

How Do I Prepare Sweet Potatoes For Dogs?

how do i prepare sweet potatoes for dogs

There are many ways that you can prepare sweet potatoes to your farm dogs, depending on whether you want it to be part of a meal or as a special treat.

Dehydrated chews

These are simply dehydrated strips of sweet potato, that are sliced fairly thickly so the potato retains a little of its chewiness.

Dehydrated crisps

You can make these by slicing thin rounds of sweet potato and drying them in a dehydrator – great for those dogs who like a little bit of crunch.


Simply combine mashed sweet potatoes, oats, cornmeal, warm water and some wheat free flour.

Mix the ingredients together, roll out the dough, cut it into biscuit shapes, then bake in the oven.


To make a simple easy puree that can be added to your dog’s food or given as a treat, all you need to do is boil and mash your sweet potatoes.

Add enough water to make a thinner consistency than a mash, then store this in either a bowl or a piping tube, ready to use.

Kong treats

Mix mashed sweet potato with a little rice and a spoonful of peanut butter, then add this mixture to a Kong toy.

Your dog will love to get the treat out, and it is works well as a method to entertain a dog – licking to get the yummyness out will keep them entertained for hours!

How To Dehydrate Sweet Potatoes For Dogs?

how to dehydrate sweet potatoes for dogs

A dehydrator is a great addition to any kitchen, because it removes any moisture from the things that are placed in them, whilst leaving the nutrients intact.

Dehydrating foods is easy, simple, and maintains the nutritional value of the food, making it great for making dog food.

How to dehydrate sweet potatoes for dogs? I’m glad you asked!

  • Slice your sweet potatoes into rounds. If you have a bigger dog you can cut them into long strips, but any dog will love the taste and texture anyway.
  • Ensure that your potatoes are no thinner than 1/4 inch thick, as any thinner will affect the texture and make your treats too crispy.
  • Place them in a dehydrator in a single layer, and set the temperature to a slow dry.
  • Leave them for a few hours, then check the texture – if your dog likes a chewier texture then take them out sooner; if they prefer crispier then leave them for longer.
  • Store the sweet potatoes in an air tight container and keep them for 2-3 weeks (edit: these are so yummy they probably won’t last that long!)

If you want a few more visual insights on how to make sweet potato dog treats in a dehydrator, then have a look at this video:

Are Dehydrated Sweet Potatoes Good For Dogs?

Sweet potato is rich in a great array of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that are essential to the health of our furry family.

They contain a lot of fibre, which is good for the digestive system and can encourage good, regular bowels.

They also contain high levels of vitamins A, B6 and C, and also Potassium and Iron, all of which are vital for a healthy immune system.

Dehydrated foods contain the same nutrients as the raw version; unlike cooking, the nutrients are not removed, just the moisture.

Because of this, dehydrated sweet potato is considered to be a very healthy treat for your dog, so feed them as much as they like!

Although your dog’s food should be mainly animal protein, it has also been shown to be beneficial to feed them small amounts of vegetables with their food too.

Dogs, like people, enjoy a bit of variety, so you may find an improved appetite when you feed extra veggies along with their daily meat.

Should You Cook Sweet Potatoes For Dogs?

As we have already mentioned, dogs, despite their reputation as meat eaters, really do benefit from vegetables in their diet.

In the wild, dogs and wolves eat the meat from their prey, and also (squeamish ones, avert your eyes!) the contents of the stomachs of those that they kill.

These are usually plant eaters, so dogs do actually have a surprising amount of vegetable matter in their natural diets.

It is very important, when feeding your dog sweet potato, that you cook it first, and ideally remove the skin.

Raw sweet potatoes are difficult for most dogs to chew, plus the raw potato can, in some cases, cause stomach upsets or even blockages.

It is very easy to cook sweet potato for dogs; you basically prepare it the same way you would for yourself!

  1. Peel the sweet potatoes and cut them into 1 inch cubes.
  2. Place the cubes into a pot of boiling water (do not use salt when cooking sweet potatoes for dogs).
  3. Boil them on a medium heat for 15-20 minutes, or until they are tender.
  4. Drain out the water, then place the sweet potatoes in a pot and mash them well.
  5. Allow to cool, then mix in with your dog’s regular food – you should feed between a tablespoon and 1/4 cup at a time, depending on the size of your dog.

Can I Feed My Dog Sweet Potatoes Every Day?

can i feed my dog sweet potatoes every day

Sweet potato contains an array of good vitamins and minerals, which are great for your dog’s health.

This being said, you can have too much of a good thing, as the saying goes. Nobody wants to eat the same food day after day, and your dog is no exception!

  • When you have cooked your sweet potato according to the above instructions, you can use up the amount that you have and then give it a break for a bit.
  • Alternatively, you can freeze a quantity of this mashed sweet potato and bring it out of the freezer when you want to add it to your dog’s dinner.
  • It is best to start small, if you have not given your dog sweet potatoes before, in case it causes any kind of tummy upset.
  • Once you have done this, you can increase the amounts you give, and consider giving it daily, if it agrees with your dog and they seem to like it.

How Do You Make Dog Treats In A Dehydrator?

Dehydrated dog treats are very simple – all you need is sweet potatoes or any other vegetables and a dehydrator. That is it!

  • Slice your vegetables into thin rounds, or short sticks.
  • Place them into the dehydrator.
  • Leave them for up to 8 hours, then remove them and check the texture.
  • If your dog likes a chewy texture them remove the vegetables at the point they are dried, but not too crisp.
  • For a great crunchy treat to carry around in your pockets, leave the vegetables to dry for longer so that they are crisp enough for a mid walk munch.

You can, of course, dehydrate any other treat that your dog enjoys, simply by placing it in a dehydrator and leaving it for a few hours.

You can use meat, various different types of vegetable, and even fruits! All these things are good for dogs, so just pick the things that you know your dog likes.

You may even find that they like dehydrated things more than they like the fresh versions, because of the chewier, more meat like texture.

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