Which Is The Best Knife For Butchering Chickens?

If you have a chicken business, you will be aware of the need to butcher your chickens. This is either because you need to sell them to make money, or you need to make space in your flock for other birds.

Often in chicken farming, the hens are the one that you want, and cockerels are an unwanted by product. You are going to need a knife that can remove the flesh from the bones quickly and easily, so you can sell or eat the meat.

If you need to dispose of a chicken, whether to further your business or get rid of unwanted birds, you are going to need to do this in a safe, humane way, and find something that will help you remove the meat from the bones.

Knives For Butchering Chickens (My Favorites)

I have found out three of the best knife for butchering chickens, so if you find yourself in the position of having to do away with a portion of your flock, then read on for the best tools that we could find to help you do this.

Victorinox Boning Knife - Red
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Made is Switzerland
  • The world's most know brand for multi-tools and pocket knives
  • Built for performance and durability
UltraSource-449414 Breaking Butcher Knife, 8" Fluted Blade
  • 8-inch fluted blade is ideal breaking down entire roasts into smaller pieces
  • High-carbon molybdenum steel is cryogenically treated to resist rust and retain its edge for longer
  • Textured handle is liquid welded where blade meets composite handle for easy cleaning
  • Blade and handle are balanced with front and rear safety bolsters to minimize hand fatigue and provide a confident grip
Mercer Culinary Ultimate White, 6 Inch Boning Knife
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Knives are crafted with high-carbon Japanese steel for easy edge maintenance and a razor sharp blade that lasts
  • SUPERIOR DESIGN: Built to last ergonomic handles with textured finger points offer a non-slip grip with added comfort, durability, and safety
  • BEST USE: For separating meat from the bone. Ideal for deboning chicken, ham, and fish, or trimming fat and sinew
  • EASY CARE: To maximize the performance and longevity of your Mercer knife, carefully wash cutlery by hand after each use with warm water and mild soap; rinse and dry completely with a soft towel. Do...

1. Victorinix Boning Curved Semi Stiff Blade Fibrox Pro Handle

Victorinox Boning Knife - Red

This nifty little knife is a must for your butchering tool kit. It is small, sturdy and will fit easily into a kitchen drawer. Oh, and it is very good at what it does!


  • Comes in various colors. Ok, this is not the MOST important thing you are looking for in a butchering knife, but it is nice if you can match your implements to your color scheme!
  • It has a curved edge blade. Having a curved rather than a straight knife is ideal for getting around the bones and joints and produces better results than a straight knife.
  • Sharpens easily. Having a good, sharp blade is essential, and this knife will easily take an edge, and then hold it for longer than many others on the market – despite having to slice through hard parts of a bird’s body and suffering accidental knocks against bone.
  • Large handle for ease of grip. This knife sits comfortably in the hand, and the larger handle makes it easy to hold and manoeuvre around carcasses.


  • This knife comes with a rather scary disclaimer, that it contains chemicals known to cause cancer and birth defects. As long as you don’t actually eat it, however, and wash it separately to your other implements, you should be fine!


A great little butchering knife, ideal for beginners as well as the more experienced butchers, this one is a perfect addition to your kitchen tool box. Its semi stiff blade is also very forgiving for those with less experience.

2. UltraSource-449414 Breaking Butcher Knife 8” Fluted Blade

UltraSource-449414 Breaking Butcher Knife, 8' Fluted Blade

A great knife that is razor sharp right out of the box, this one will see you through a great many carcasses in a speedy and efficient way.


  • High quality materials used in construction. The blade is high carbon molybdenum steel, and is treated to resist rust. This material is also proven to hold an edge for longer than many other materials.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic hand grip. This knife’s handle is balanced with safety bolsters to allow for a good, comfortable grip and to prevent excessive hand fatigue when cutting up large amounts of meat.
  • Fluted blade allows precise cutting. The shape of this knife’s blade allows for the perfect cuts around bones, that would be more difficult to achieve with a longer blade of a different shape.
  • Welded between blade and handle. This allows for a much cleaner, safer knife that can be kept squeaky clean much more easily than a knife where the blade simply slots into the handle and particles can sneak into this gap.


  • The handle is not non slip. A rubber blade allows the hand to grip much more easily; this one however can be a little slippery – something to watch out for when you are using it.


If you are looking for a great, professional knife that offers precision and sharpness, along with comfort and an ergonomic design, look no further – this one is for you!

3. Mercer Culinary Ultimate White 6 Inch Boning Knife

Mercer Culinary Ultimate White, 6 Inch Boning Knife

This knife really looks the part. The great thing is, it also acts the part too! Perfect for all types of butchery, this is one that you definitely want in your drawers.


  • High carbon steel blade. This Japanese steel blade is resistant to staining and rust, and will hold its sharp edge very well, meaning you won’t have to spend hours resharpening it.
  • Ergonomic grip handle. The handle of this knife is polypropylene and has textured finger points to allow you a better, safer grip. It is also slip resistant, which is important for such a sharp blade!
  • Limited lifetime warranty. You shouldn’t have any issues with this knife, but if you do it is nice to know your warranty will cover a replacement in the case of any unforeseen problems with the knife.
  • Good for those on a budget. Professional knives can be very expensive, so it can be hard for a beginner or an amateur to get into the market. This one comes with a decent price tag, making it ideal for a beginner or those with a budget to work to.


  • Does not hold its edge for as long as some others. You may find that you have to sharpen this knife more often than you would like to, to keep it performing at its best, especially if you accidentally catch a bone.


A handy knife for the amateur or beginner in the butchering business, this one will not break the bank and will ease you in to the world of butchery in a safe and efficient way.


Whatever your requirements for the best knife for butchering chickens, you will want to shop around the market and find the best option for you. Hopefully your search will now be a little easier with some of our suggestions above, and you can find the perfect knife for you!

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