What Is The Best Pig Feeder On The Market?

If you have a lot of pigs, getting out in all hours of the day and night to keep them fed can be a bit of a pain. The best pig feeder can really help you with your herd, and save you hours of trekking back and forth in the mud.

Piglets, like most baby mammals, feed around the clock, so if you have a litter without a sow this can really take a lot of work. Automatic milk feeders are definitely your answer!

Automatic feeders can also be used for water; ideal for a pig pen as they can be messy, and might spill a bucket of water, or fill a trough with dirt and debris.

Pig Feeders (My Favorites)

Even if your pigs are weaned, you could definitely benefit from an automatic feeder, particularly if you have a large herd that eats a lot. The best pig feeder will save you a lot of time! I have had a look through all the products available, and have narrowed it down to the best three.

(2 Pack) Little Giant Fence Feeders With Clips, 11-Inch, Black
  • 2 Pack Of Little Giant Fence Feeders with Clips, 11-Inch, Black
  • Portable fence feeder with heavy-duty metal clips for hanging on wire fencing.
  • Can be permanently mounted on a wall or rail with fencing staples (not included) or lag screws (not included).
  • High-impact polyethylene plastic.
Little Giant HGFS SNG Door Hog Feeder, 50 lb, Gray
  • Durable galvanized steel hog feeder can be mounted on wall or rail or freestanding
  • Feed doors specially designed to keep out moisture and pests but can be wired Open for starting pigs
  • Top door for easy loading
  • Completely assembled
Homend Pack of 10 Stainless Steel NPT 1/2" Automatic Pig Nipple Water Drinker Feeder Waterer for...
  • 【Material】Stainless steel spring and dome screen
  • 【Size】: Thread Size: 19.8mm/ NPT 1/2 '' (American Pipe Standard) ; Total Size: 6.2 x 2 cm
  • 【Convenience】When the pig's mouth touches the metal bar, the water will flow out automatically and automatically close when it leaves. It can not only save water effectively but also reduce the...
  • 【Clean&Health】The cleaners work reliably, drink water while drinking, thereby reducing the waste of water, preventing leakage, preventing bacterial wilt and keeping healthy for piggery.

Read on for my best picks:

1. Little Giant Fence Feeders With Clips

(2 Pack) Little Giant Fence Feeders With Clips, 11-Inch, Black

This is one of the simplest feeding solutions, and one which can hold a lot of food to keep your piggies happy.


  • Made from strong, sturdy materials. Pigs are hefty creatures, and they are very keen on food! Your feeder will need to be strong to prevent hungry pigs from breaking it, and this one is made from high impact polyethylene so you know it’s up to the job.
  • Heavy duty metal clips for hanging. You can easily secure this feeder onto your fence, and know that the strong clips will hold it safe and steady and prevent it falling to the ground and wasting all the food.
  • Comes in a pack of two. This is great for if you have a lot of pigs; you can hang one feeder on one side of the fence and the other on the other side, to prevent fighting over food and potential injury.
  • Can be permanently mounted. If you get hold of some fencing staples, you can mount this feeder onto a wall or a rail to keep it in one place permanently, and make it even more strong and sturdy.


  • Some buyers have stated that the feeder didn’t arrive with the right amount of clips. This can be disappointing if you want to set it up straight away, but it should be easy enough to source more.


A great simple feeding solution for pigs – or even goats and sheep, if you have a mixed bunch of animals. Just remember to feed them separately to prevent fights!

2. Little Giant HGFS SNG Door Hog Feeder

Little Giant HGFS SNG Door Hog Feeder, 50 lb, Gray

This is an incredibly durable feeding solution, which looks a little like a post box! I wouldn’t post your letters in it, but it works incredibly well for feeding your pigs.


  • Incredibly strong materials. This feeder is made from galvanized steel, so it should keep its shape and structure in spite of those strong piggy jaws and teeth, which will make short work of most materials.
  • Feed doors to keep out moisture. There’s nothing worse than putting out loads of food, then watching it get ruined when it rains and the pigs turn up their noses! This one’s lidded solution will help to keep your food safe from moisture – plus it will keep out pests like rats.
  • Easy to refill. The top filling technology is a simple stroke of genius – simply open the lid, pour in the food and watch your raging bunch of hungry porcines settle into a docile, well fed stupor!
  • Can be mounted on a wall or a rail. It is ridiculously easy to hang this feeder; all you need is a strong pole or a wall, and a good strong screw (these are not included), and it’s set for life.


  • The feed can get stuck. You may think that your feeder is empty, only to open the lid and find that there is still feed in there that has got stuck and needs to be pushed down.


Perfect for pig feeding, this durable, sturdy feeder is ideal for a large herd of strong, hungry pigs.

3. Homend Pack Of 10 Stainless Steel NPT 1/2” Automatic Pig Nipple Feeder

Homend Pack of 10 Stainless Steel NPT 1/2' Automatic Pig Nipple Water Drinker Feeder Waterer for...

If you don’t have a pond or a trough for your pigs, they will need something else to drink from. This nipple water drinker will provide plenty of water for your thirsty pigs.


  • Provides good clean water while preventing wastage. Because the water is provided when the pigs touch the metal bar, the water inside remains clean – no having to constantly clear debris from drinking water!
  • Good quality construction. This feeder is made from stainless steel, meaning that it will be strong and durable, and should also resist any rust, prolonging its lifetime.
  • Easy to use. Pigs are intelligent animals, so you shouldn’t have to spend too long encouraging them to learn how to use this feeder and ensure they get good, clean water every time they touch it.
  • Can save on your water bills. Because the water is provided on a touch basis, you will find that there is far less wastage. No more having to refill buckets, shaking your head at the wasted water spilled all over the ground!


  • It can develop a drip after prolonged use. If this feeder is in constant use, for years at a time, the mechanism can corrode and water may start to drip from the end of the feeder.


A great, efficient water feeder that will ensure the health of your pig herd and make sure that they always have clean, fresh drinking water.


Pigs are voracious eaters, which take a lot of feeding in order to allow them to reach their potential. Using the best pig feeder will really help you out in your pig rearing journey, and can prevent wastage of food and water – it is a great investment.

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