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when did cattle ranching start

How To Get Started In Cattle Ranching?

A cattle ranch is a small or large landholding that has the focused purpose of breeding and raising cattle. Cattle are useful form of livestock that can be bred as show animals, milk producers, meat producers and producers of leather. In this article, we discuss how to start a cattle ranching business. Read on to … Read more

how to ride an atv for beginners

How To Farm Using An ATV: A Simple Guide

Farmers have a range of options when it comes to motorised equipment on their farms.  Tractors are great for power especially for demanding tasks like tilling and transport, but they are pricey. Pickup trucks are fast and powerful, but are pricey and are limited only to mobility and transport.  An alternative option is an ATV. … Read more

how to safely use a baler

What Does A Baler Do On A Farm?

Cutting and raking a crop is only half of the battle. A baler is necessary to take those harvested crops and make them more convenient to transport, store, and/or sell. Without a baler, farming could be a lot more labor-intensive, to say the least. But, knowing whether or not your farm or homestead is ready … Read more

why do pigs have curly tails

How To Raise Pigs: A Simple Guide

Pork is an excellent source of protein for you and your family, or if you want to make a profit from raising pigs, you can sell piglets, breeders and of course meat. When using pigs for meat production, you get a great deal more for your investment. Another advantage of raising pigs for meat is … Read more

how to grow quinoa

How To Grow Quinoa: A Simple Guide

Quinoa is one of the most popular pseudo-grains available at any health food store. It is rapidly replacing the demand for wheat, oats, barley, and other traditional grains at homesteads where the nutritional quality of the food produced is of utmost importance. You can read all about the nutrition of quinoa here. But, it’s expensive … Read more

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