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how to start beekeeping Frequently Asked Questions

How To Start With Bees: A Simple Guide

Keeping bees is a complex endeavor that involves developing a relationship with a society of beings completely different from humans. As living beings, bees of different species have different traits. Their production, habits and temperament vary from one type to another. Their needs also vary. Read on to learn more on how to start beekeeping. … Read more

How Do You Choose The Best Soybean Seed?

How To Grow Soybeans Commercially: A Simple Guide

Soybeans are a very big crop in the United States, especially in the upper mid-west where about 80% of US soybeans are grown. These nutritious, versatile legumes can be used for a wide variety of purposes ranging from creation of bio-fuel to food and industrial and personal care products. In this article, we provide an … Read more

how to grow corn commercially Frequently Asked Questions

How To Grow Corn Commercially: A Simple Guide

It can be very profitable to grow corn (maize) commercially because prices have been fairly high in recent years and corn is a high yield crop. Unfortunately, it is also a costly crop to grow when you take into account the cost of seed corn, chemicals and fertilizers necessary to produce top yields. Corn can … Read more

how to take care of an alpaca

How To Take Care Of An Alpaca: A Simple Guide

Alpacas and llamas are members of the camel family. While camels and dromedaries hail from the Middle East, Northern Africa, South Asia, Tibet and China, other humpless members of the family come mostly from South America. In this article, we describe and discuss alpacas and their care. Read on to learn more on how to … Read more

How To Tell If A Grapefruit Is Bad

How To Care For A Grapefruit Tree?

Growing a healthy grapefruit tree should be easy, right? You stick it in the ground, give it some water now and then, and it’s job done. Well, not quite. To increase your chances of success, you’ll need to show it a little more love than that. With just a touch of extra effort, you can … Read more

why are sheep better than cattle

How To Care For Sheep: A Simple Guide

Sheep have been domesticated for many thousands of years, and they have proven to be extremely useful stock for the small land holder. When you choose the right type of sheep for your homestead, you’ll have a good source of meat, milk and wool. In this article, we explore questions regarding keeping sheep on your … Read more

What Is The Best Way To Repel Squirrels

How To Care For A Walnut Tree?

Many different cultivars of walnut trees are grown in the United States. The two main types are English (also known as Persian) and black walnuts, both of which produce edible fruits and provide shade. The trees do grow very tall, often more than 50 feet, making them difficult to harvest for a backyard grower. Pruning … Read more

how to care for a goat

How To Care For A Goat: A Simple Guide

Goats are easy to care for whether you are keeping them as pets or raising them for milk and/or meat. They are fairly thrifty livestock to keep, and their needs are small. Even so, it helps to know exactly what’s needed and to have your goat keeping facilities all set up before you acquire any … Read more

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