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best farm soil test kit

Which Is The Best Farm Soil Test Kit?

Testing soil is a great way to work out what is the best thing to plant on your farm, and what you might potentially need to supplement your soil with. Having healthy soil is the key to growing good, strong, healthy crops that can turn you a great profit. If you already know what your … Read more

best apron for gardening

Which Is The Best Apron For Farming?

We all know that there are a great many dirty jobs around the farm, and that you really don’t want to be wearing your best wedding outfit when you are doing your daily chores! But even if you are wearing work clothes, there may be some really messy things that you want to protect even … Read more

best rain gear for farming

What Is The Best Rain Gear For Farming?

There is very little that is worse than going out to check the stock, fix some equipment, or perform any of the many jobs that farming entails, whilst the weather is awful and you’re getting soaked to the skin. If you are heading into winter, or if it is a particularly soggy year, you’re going … Read more

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