Where Do You Put The Registration Sticker On A UTV?

In order to operate a UTV legally, you are required to either display the current registration sticker, have a temporary operating receipt in your possession or have a dealership’s signed registration application form in your possession. In this article, we discuss UTV registration and offer guidance on placement of UTV registration stickers. Read on to learn more.

How Do You Register A UTV?

how do you register a utv

Purchasing a new or used UTV can be quite expensive, so before registering it, you should be certain that the vehicle in question is acceptable to your state as a roadworthy form of conveyance.

Look for information on your state’s DMV website. Here, you will also find information about the types of UTV registration that may be available to you.

Depending on where you live, the following options may be available to you:

1. A public use registration will let you drive your UTV in areas that are available for public riding and also on private property as long as you have the permission of the landowner. If you want to drive your UTV on the frozen surface of a stream or lake, you must have a public use registration.

2. A nonagricultural, private use registration is usually adequate if you plan to use your UTV only on your own land or land that belongs to an immediate family member.

3. An agricultural, private use registration will typically let you use your UTV to transport farm supplies, products, equipment and implements from one farm property to another. This type of registration will allow you to use your UTV on the public roads for agricultural trips, but you won’t be able to use your UTV on public lands, frozen waterways and the like for recreational purposes.

4. UTVs that are owned by a government or municipal entity can get a specialized registration for official use.

5. You may need a nonresident registration if you are visiting a state in which your UTV is not registered.

Generally speaking, this type of temporary (typically two weeks) pass must be on your person or displayed clearly on your UTV whenever you are operating the vehicle in the state you are visiting.

How Do You Display UTV Registration Stickers?

Depending upon the type of registration you have, display of your stickers may vary. Here are general guidelines:

1. Any registered UTV must have its current registration decals displayed clearly on both sides of the vehicle in a position that is in front of the operator.

2. UTVs with public use registrations may also be required to have license plates affixed to the rear. Exact specifications of the size, color, and materials used for this plate vary from one state to another.

Generally speaking, the plate must display the registration number of the UTV. The plates must typically be visible and kept legible at all times.

Registration Options, Process & Sticker Display Vary

The information presented here was gathered from guidelines offered by the state of Wisconsin. Be sure to check your state’s DMV pages for precise instructions that are applicable to you.

How To Make Your UTV Street Legal

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    • It really depends on your state, but generally speaking, it should not take any longer than the registration process for a car or other vehicle. Check with the department of motor vehicles office or website for your location to get specifics.


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