51 Farm Names For Your New Forever Home

ostrich eggs and chicks

How To Care For Ostrich Eggs And Chicks

Ostriches breed during the time of year when days are longest and temperatures are higher. The breeding season is typically about 40 days during the time when days are 12 hours long or more. Generally speaking, the mating season begins in May and ends in very early September. Typically, July is the peak of the … Read more

how to raise ostriches

How To Raise Ostriches: A Simple Guide

Ostriches are not only the largest birds in Africa, they are also the largest birds in the world. An adult ostrich can weigh as much as 350 pounds and can stand 9 feet tall. Ostriches belong to the bird family known as ratite. Other members of this family include these flightless birds: Cassowary Rhea Kiwi … Read more

how to cook ostrich steak

How Do You Cook Ostrich Steak?

In many parts of the world ostrich is a very common and popular meat. For example, in areas where the ostrich is native, such as South Africa, ostrich steak is a common sight on the dinner table. Read on to learn more on how to cook ostrich steak. How To Cook Ostrich Steak Ostrich has … Read more

why are jackrabbits bad for ranching

Why Are Jackrabbits Bad For Ranching?

Black tail jackrabbits are large, long eared, rabbit like creatures that live in the desert scrub lands and open grasslands of the Western United States. Because they are vegetarians, large populations of jackrabbits can pose a problem in pasture lands that are grazed by livestock. Jackrabbits like the same sorts of things that cattle, horses, … Read more

what does an ostrich eat

What Does An Ostrich Eat: A Simple Guide

If you want to start your own ostrich farm, there are a number of things you’ll need to consider. One of them is what does an ostrich eat and how to provide the right nutrition to them. This guide should help you. Wilderness Vs Captivity In the wild, ostriches live in the open plains and … Read more

how do you take care of an ostrich

How To Start An Ostrich Farm: A Simple Guide

Ostriches are raised commercially for their hides and their plumes, which are used to make boots and other leather goods, as well as accessories. Ostrich eggs are cooked and eaten in South Africa and in some very upscale restaurants around the world. The shells are useful for artistic pursuits as well as the manufacture of … Read more

how to prune a corn plant

How To Prune A Corn Plant [Video Inside]

Corn plants, also known as dracaenas, are laid-back plants that are easy to care for. Aside from removing dead or damaged leaves, pruning your corn plant is optional. You may even choose to let it grow one year, and prune it back the next. Although they aren’t very picky, there are a few tips to … Read more

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