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how to maintain a farm Frequently Asked Questions

How To Maintain A Farm: A Simple Guide

Smart farming is a combination of continuously planning ahead and continuously working hard in the here-and-now. In order to do both effectively, it’s important that you establish an efficient daily routine to keep your farm maintained as you forward with improvements. In this article, we discuss six smart strategies to help you manage your farm. … Read more

how to clean a farm pond

How To Maintain And Clean A Farm Pond?

Farm ponds can get mucky and dirty pretty quickly. A number of issues, such as animal waste, agricultural runoff, excessive sun exposure, drastic weather events and much more can wreak havoc with the quality of water in your pond. In this article, we discuss these influences and provide sound advice on how to counter them … Read more

what type of soil is best for farming

What Type Of Soil Is Best For Farming?

Knowing what type of soil you have and what type you need for the crops you have in mind is one of the very most important aspects of successful farming. Knowing your soil type will help you choose crops that will be successful, and understanding the quality of your soil will inform you as to … Read more

what is the three field system of farming Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Three Field System Of Farming?

The three field system of farming is a simple and effective method of managing land which was used in Europe during the Middle Ages. This technique represents a major advance in agricultural success. Prior to the three field method, farmers used a two field system, in which half of a farmer’s land would be sown … Read more

how to clear land for farming

How To Clear Land For Farming?

When you’re preparing your land for homesteading or for use as a small farm, you’re very likely to need to clear some land. This involves removing unwanted vegetation, underbrush and “trash trees” (fast growing trees that aren’t valuable or useful) as well as removing rocks and other obstructions from the soil. The more cleared land … Read more

To Subsoil or To Plow — That is the Question

[Explained] Advantages And Disadvantages Of Subsoiling

Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of subsoiling, we had better talk about what “subsoil” is. The subsoil is the layer of soil laying directly under the topsoil. Like topsoil, it consists of a mixture of varied small particles such as clay, sand, and silt. It has a much lower percentage of humus and organic matter and a small … Read more

how to grow tomatoes Frequently Asked Questions

How To Grow Tomatoes {A Simple Guide}

Solanum lycopersicum, commonly known as tomato plants are herbaceous perennial plants that are members of the nightshade family. It may surprise you to hear that this plant is a perennial, because typically it is grown as an annual garden plant; however, in a climate that is warm year round, many types of tomatoes can and … Read more

how to save a dying tomato plant Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Save A Dying Tomato Plant?

Although tomatoes are quite easy to grow, it is also quite easy for them to become subject to a wide variety of maladies. They are susceptible to various fungus and bacterial infections, and they are also sensitive to cold temperatures and even harsh sunlight. What can you do when your tomato plants exhibit wilted leaves … Read more

how to keep tomato plants warm at night Frequently Asked Questions

How To Keep Tomato Plants Warm At Night?

Early in the spring and late in the autumn we are often surprised by overnight cold snaps. Springtime is the perfect time to start your tomato seedlings outdoors, and late in the autumn you may still be harvesting tomatoes from your established plants. What can you do to keep your tomato plants warm at night? … Read more

how often to fertilize tomato plants Frequently Asked Questions

How Often To Fertilize Tomato Plants?

Tomatoes are some of the easiest garden vegetables to grow, but you do need to provide them with the right amount of water, the right amount of sunshine, balanced soil and the correct fertilizer. In this article, we’ll discuss the types of fertilizer that work best with tomatoes. We’ll also provide good information on when … Read more

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