how to build a duck pond

How To Build A Duck Pond & Keep It Clean?

There are many different kinds of ponds that you can build for your ducks, and doing so can be pretty easy. If you have the space to build a large, natural pond, it will involve digging by hand or using a backhoe to dig out space you wish to convert into a pond. Begin by …

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how do you feed ducks and chickens together

Can Ducks And Chickens Live Together?

While it is possible for ducks and chickens to coexist, there are a few conditions that need to be met to keep them happy. In this article, we answer some frequently asked questions about the differences and similarities between ducks and chickens and provide sound advice on helping them to cohabitate. Can ducks and chickens …

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how to use duck eggs

How To Use Duck Eggs: Duck Eggs Recipes

Duck eggs are larger, thicker shelled and more flavorful than chicken eggs. Their deep yellow/orange yolks take up more space in the shell, so they are also a better source of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A and “good” cholesterol. In this article, we discuss the use of duck eggs in cooking and baking. Read …

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how to calm bees without smoke

How To Calm Bees Without Smoke?

Smoke is the traditional way to keep bees calm, and beekeepers have been using this method for many centuries. Even so, there are many reasons for not wanting to use smoke around your farm or homestead. In this article, we discuss some alternate and safer methods for keeping your bees calm (including the video below). …

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how to make a candy board for bees

How To Make A Candy Board For Bees?

In the wintertime, bees rely on the honey that they have made and stored in order to survive the cold weather. During the coldest months, bees cluster together in a ball to keep warm. They generate heat by vibrating their bodies, and this activity is very energy consuming. That’s why it’s so important that the …

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top perennials & annuals for bees

17 Best Flowers For Honeybees And Other Helpful Pollinators

Populations of all sorts of bees are declining at an alarming rate, and this endangers production of food for people and all creatures on earth. Surprisingly, individual gardeners can help with this problem significantly by making bee-friendly plant choices. In this article, we discuss the importance of planting ornamental, fruit and vegetable crops that are …

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why keep bees calm

How To Attract A Swarm Of Bees And Keep Them?

There are quite a few factors and specific conditions that encourage bees to swarm. If you are in search of a swarm of honeybees to bring home, you need to understand these factors and conditions. In this article, we discuss what makes bees swarm, how you can find them; how to attract a swarm of …

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what do alpacas eat

Tips On Feeding Alpacas: What Do Alpacas Eat

Many people who are considering keeping alpacas wonder what do alpacas eat. The short answer is that they mostly eat grass and hay, and in comparison to their size, they don’t eat much of it. The typical alpaca weighs about 125 pounds and eats about three pounds of grass, hay, vegetation and feed daily. In …

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what to feed alpacas in the winter

Alpaca Fun Facts And FAQ: How Smart Are Alpacas

Alpacas are the cute, smaller alternative to llamas. Many small homesteaders and farmers looking for profitable stock to keep on small acreage consider investing in them. What’s it like to keep alpacas? How smart are alpacas? In this article, we present interesting facts and frequently asked questions and answers about these charming creatures. Read on …

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