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farmers’ market Q&A

How Do Farmers Sell Their Produce?

Most farmers see their farm as an opportunity to create and grow a profitable business. To do that, they may sell their produce through a variety of different methods. The farmers’ market is a very popular place to sell produce (and there are many great things to sell), and it can lead to a wide … Read more

identify your products

How To Make A Small Farm Profitable?

If you want to be a small farmer, chances are you’re not dreaming of business management, bookkeeping and the like. Unfortunately, if you want to make money on a small farm, these are things you must keep in mind. A small farm is a business and should be run as such. In this article, we … Read more

how to protect farmland from trespass

How To Hang A Farm Gate On A Slope?

Whenever you have to install a gate on a hill, you’re sure to be faced with a lot of challenges. According to most sources, the best way to hang a farm gate on a slope is not to do it, but sometimes it just can’t be avoided. In this article, we discuss the complications of … Read more

how to harvest sweet potatoes

How To Grow Sweet Potatoes: A Simple Guide

Sweet potatoes are a truly glorious vegetable. They are a root vegetable like the standard potato, but with a completely different texture and taste, and a huge supply of vitamins, minerals and other exciting health benefits. You can, of course, buy your sweet potatoes (or yams – that’s how they are often marketed in the … Read more

what are sweet potatoes

What Grows Well With Sweet Potatoes?

Growing your own veg is an incredibly rewarding, as well as a fun thing to do. Sweet potatoes can take a little more time and care, but they too can be very successfully grown. Companion planting is the method of growing two plants together that complement each other in growing styles, or which repel each … Read more

what to do with bad sweet potatoes

How To Know When Sweet Potatoes Are Bad?

Sweet potatoes are a great vegetable, and they are relatively easy to grow and store. They don’t need refrigerating, and although they probably won’t last as long as standard potatoes do, they should still store well. How to know when sweet potatoes are bad though? This question can be easily answered, and we can give … Read more

old fashioned farm cooking

Farmhouse Lifestyle And Old Fashioned Farm Cooking

The saying “Love what you have, and you will have what you love” is a simple way to describe the concept of farmhouse living. The farmhouse lifestyle is one that encourages simplicity, resourcefulness, mindfulness and gratitude. When you live the farmhouse lifestyle, you appreciate and treasure what you have, make use of that which is … Read more

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