Differences Between A Pecan Tree And A Walnut Tree?

Pecan Tree Vs Walnut Tree: Side By Side

Pecan and Hickory are both members of the Walnut family. Despite this, there are some pretty big differences as well as many similarities between pecan trees vs. walnut trees. In this article, we will explore these in more detail. This may help you decide which type of tree to plant, or what nut, or to … Read more

Can You Estimate The Age Of A Tree?

How To Tell The Age Of A Pecan Tree?

The best method by which to tell the age of a pecan tree depends on exactly how precise you wish to be. The ideal method is to fell the tree and then count all the growth rings. Generally, this approach is probably a little too dramatic, and there are other alternatives that can give you … Read more

Will Aphids Kill A Pecan Tree?

Why Is My Pecan Tree Dripping Sap?

It is a common misconception when people see a sap-like substance on the trunk, leaves, or ground surrounding their pecan tree that the tree itself is dripping sap. In reality, this sap is not coming from the tree at all but from an infestation of aphids living on the tree’s leaves. These tiny insects secrete … Read more

Do You Need More Than One Pecan Tree To Produce Nuts?

How To Treat Pecan Tree Diseases?

Pecans are one of the few commercially farmed nuts in North America. They are a native tree to the US and are considered to be a valuable commodity. Pecan trees suffer from pests and diseases that can negatively affect the nut quality. Home growers should also be aware of this and know how to diagnose … Read more

what rootstock is used for grafting pecans

How To Graft A Pecan Tree {Step By Step}

Grafting a pecan tree is a great way to produce a high-quality nut-bearing variety with the added hardiness of a local rootstock. This is a win-win situation; cold-hardy rootstock that doesn’t make the best nuts, can be teamed up with a champion nut-producing cultivar. Here we will discover how to graft a pecan tree to … Read more

How To Stop A Pecan Tree From Producing Nuts

How To Make A Pecan Tree Produce?

To help your pecan tree produce, you need to ensure that it has a suitable pollinating partner, is well located in an open, sunny position, and has a plentiful water supply. Other considerations include a rich soil that provides its roots with a full range of nutrients. Clay soils are too heavy and become easily … Read more

when should you graft a pecan tree

How To Plant A Pecan Tree {A Full Guide}

Planting pecan trees is relatively straightforward, providing you keep a few important points in mind. It can be very rewarding to raise a young tree up to maturity and enjoy the bounty of your labor. If, like me, you think pecans are simply delicious, then this article will help you discover how, where, and when … Read more

When Does A Pecan Tree Bloom

How To Grow A Pecan Tree?

Growing a pecan tree from a nut or a cutting can be a fun and inexpensive way of producing many new trees. The process is quite straightforward if you follow the directions I’ve outlined, and with a little patience, you could soon have a mini forest. Read on to discover more about how to grow … Read more

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