51 Farm Names For Your New Forever Home

Chances are, your new farm or ranch will already have its own name. But if not, have a look through our lists of great farm names below to find the new name for your new forever home!

Funny Farm Names

funny farm names

Troubled Ferret Acres – This is a humorous farm name, bound to put a smile on the face of anyone who visits!

Overcast Alpaca – A nod to the weather and the livestock, this is a great farm name for people who have a sense of humor.

Hillside Dragon Meadows – This name will bring a chuckle to anyone who visits your homestead.

Mammoth Quail – If you like the idea of boggling your visitor’s minds as to what could be possibly growing on your farm, then go for this one.

Comfortless Ferret – Let’s face it, ferrets don’t need much comfort, especially when they’re sniffing around your chicken sheds!

Catchy Farm Names

catchy farm names

Clever Cattle Ranch – We all know that cows are clever!

Alison Acres – If your name begins with an A, you can personalize “Acres” with your own name!

Rosewood Ramble – You can experiment with words that begin with the same letters to make up your own catchy farm name.

Top Of The World – You will be “on top of the world” with your choice of name.

Stony Hills – Perfect for a farm that is set in some Granite outcroppings, or if you have tried to plough your fields and ruined many blades on annoying rocks!

Cute Farm Names

cute farm names

Sweet Forest Way – For anyone who has a farm situated near trees, this is the perfect name for it.

Merryfair Farm – A cute, catchy farm name that trips off the tongue and brings up thoughts of merriment.

Pinewood Acres – Perfect for a farm that is situated near a pine forest, this one makes a perfect name for your perfect home.

Rolling Hills Range – If you live on a farm in the midst of some beautiful hills, this is definitely the name for you!

Home – Short, sweet and to the point, this name is both cute and poignant.

Biblical Farm Names

biblical farm names

Antique River Rise – Ok, this one is not strictly biblical, but Christianity is pretty old, right?

Angel Acres – Why not name your farm after some of the heavenly fleet!

Heavenly Farm – You have found your own little patch of heaven, so name it after its inspiration.

Green Pastures – Naming your new farm this will certainly make you feel “heavenly!”

Rise Again Ranch – We’re not saying that you can raise the dead on your new ranch, but you can name it something special!

Horse Farm Names

horse farm names

Cloudy Mustang Gardens – A mustang is a type of horse, and adding “cloudy” to it adds an air of romantic mystery.

Mustang Paradise – Any type of paradise is great, and if it is to do with horses then this is even better!

Wild Horses – Well, you will be hoping that your horse farm is populated by less than wild creatures, but you’ve got to take what you can get, right?

Old School Farm – This is a no nonsense name, perfect for those unruly horses!

Wild Horse Home – This one is self explanatory. Any horse welcome!

Cattle Farm Names

cattle farm names

Rawhide Drought – It can be hard, in some places, to get enough for the cows to drink. This name amuses people, especially if you live in a very dry area.

Rotting Milktank – Don’t think that this name will stop milk tankers stopping to buy your wares! It will just give everyone a giggle.

Big Sky Cattle Ranch – Perfect for those who are cattle farming in wide open countryside; this evokes a view of a wide, unending sky and total freedom.

Five Dairies – Ok, you don’t actually have to HAVE five dairies for this to work. But anything dairy related works as a name for a cattle farm, so go with it!

Green Pastures – Every single farmer wants their pastures to be green.

Poultry Farm Names

poultry farm names

Poison Fox – This grim name sets out what you want from your chicken farm!

Rawhide Paws – Another slightly dark name for a chicken farm; this one sets out what you could do with any foxy invader. Let’s hope they stay away.

Rooster Acres – If you have a rooster, everyone within a six mile radius will know about it, so you might as well proclaim him loudly on the sign to your homestead!

Egg Pastures – What more could you want from your chicken farm than a pasture full of eggs?

Pecker Palace – A slightly cheeky name, this is a great – and humorous – name for your chicken farm.

Goat Farm Names

goat farm names

Freckled Franny Farm – There are some common names for goats, and Franny is one.

Golden Guernsey Gates – Perfect for if you have a Golden herd, this name is perfect for tripping off the tongue.

Just Kiddin’ – Baby goats are called kids (something you will know if you already have a goat farm!

Angora Acres – Perfect for the keepers of an Angora herd.

Songs Of Saanen – Saanen goats can be loud…

Sheep Farm Names

sheep farm names

Baa’d Lands – A play on a sheep sound and a homestead name!

Lamb’s Lettuce Ranch – Although lambs don’t often eat lettuce, this cute name is perfect for a sheep farm.

Clover Meadows – A great name for a peaceful sheep farm.

Perfect Paddocks – What could be more perfect than this name?

Feathery Fleece – This one is deal for a sheep farm name

Organic Farm Names

organic farm names

Clearsprings – Clean water is a must for good crops, and a good name is a must for an organic farm!

Earth’s Secrets – Perfect for an all natural farm based on organic principles.

Vanilla Skies Ranch – Vanilla doesn’t have to have anything to do with organic farming, but this is a pretty name.

Farmnest Fields – The two Fs make this a catchy name.

Mother Earth Meadows – To really evoke the earth mother vibe, go with this one.

Eco Bears – Eco in the name of an organic farm can’t be wrong.

Did you like any of these? Do you have your own favorite name that you wanna share with us in the comments below? Please let us know.

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