How To Make Pistachio Syrup {Recipes Inside}

In this article, we will discover how to make a simple pistachio syrup and what you can use it for. It’s ideal for adding to a wide variety of drinks and for including in all kinds of dessert recipes. It’s quick and easy to make and keeps well in the refrigerator or can be frozen. Let’s get cooking!

What Is Pistachio Syrup?

What Is Pistachio Syrup

Pistachio syrup is a simple sugar syrup made with just three ingredients, ground pistachios, water, and sugar. It couldn’t be easier to make and can be used to flavor a wide variety of delicious desserts and drinks.

What Is Pistachio Syrup Used For?

If you buy coffee from Starbucks, you may be familiar with their yummy Pistachio Latte, or, like me, enjoy some cool and delicious pistachio ice cream on a hot summer day. What makes these things taste so amazing, with their sweet pistachio flavor, is pistachio syrup!

So what else can you create using pistachio syrup?

All kinds of hot drinks like Pistachio Hot Chocolate, Pistachio Mochaccino, Pistachio Frappuccino, or Iced Pistachio Lattes. Here are more incredible pistachio drinks ideas to delight your taste buds!

Then, of course, you can add it to cakes and desserts to make Pistachio Panna Cotta or Pistachio cupcakes. Here are more sweet and savory pistachio recipe ideas

Should Pistachio Syrup be Refrigerated?

Once you’ve made some gorgeous, sweet pistachio syrup, it should be kept in an airtight, preferably glass container and refrigerated. It will remain good for several months. 

For longer storage, you can put individual amounts into ice cube makers and freeze them before transferring them into storage containers in your freezer. This gives you portion-sized pieces to use easily. 

How Long Does Pistachio Syrup Keep?

Once you’ve opened your pistachio syrup, it’s best to consume it within a week or so. As mentioned above, it can be frozen for longer-term storage. 

Pistachio Syrup Recipe

Pistachio Syrup Recipe

This super simple pistachio syrup is really quick and easy to make with only three ingredients!

Makes approximately 16 servings.

Preparation time = 2 minutes

Cooking time = 8 minutes

Total making time = 12 minutes


  • Granulated sugar – 2 cups
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Shelled pistachios – 2 cups


  1. Put all the ingredients into a small pan and place over medium heat.
  1. Gently bring to the boil, lower heat until it is only just bubbling, and cook for 10 minutes while stirring regularly.
  1. The sugar should now be fully dissolved.
  1. Pour the syrup into a food processor or blender and blitz until the pistachios are fully broken down.
  1. Pour the syrup through a fine-mesh strainer or cheesecloth to remove all the bits.
  1. Sterilize a glass container that can be fitted with an airtight lid.
  1. Put your syrup into the sterilized glass container and seal.
  1. Allow the syrup to cool completely before refrigerating.
  1. Now it’s ready to make into some delicious treats!

How To Make A Starbucks Like Pistachio Latte At Home

If you’ve never tried the Starbucks Pistachio Latte, then you’re missing a real treat. It has the nutty, sweet flavor of pistachios mixed with brown butter and steamed espresso milk. To get the same kind of experience at home, you can use the recipe provided here – you’re welcome!

This recipe, which I’ve adapted from the one given on the Six Clever Sisters site, makes enough for two lattes. Share the magic with a loved one or save the second for a cooling iced pistachio latte at the end of the day.


  • 1 ½ cups of full-fat milk 
  • 3 shots of espresso coffee (or use really strong coffee if you don’t have an espresso machine)
  • 1 Tablespoon of butter
  • 1 Tablespoon of home-made Pistachio Syrup
  • ½ Tablespoon of brown sugar
  • Sugar or sweetener of choice (to your taste preference)


  1. Make the espresso using an espresso machine or another method. You can just brew a really strong coffee if you prefer. You will need around half a cup.
  1. While brewing the coffee, place the butter in a small saucepan with a heavy base and place over medium heat. Stir continuously until the butter just starts to brown and take immediately off the heat.
  1. In another pan or in a microwave, heat the milk until it is hot but not quite boiling. You can stem the milk if you have a milk steamer. 
  1. Stir the pistachio syrup into ¾ of the milk and combine well. Setting the rest aside.
  1. Mix half a tablespoon of the browned butter and half a tablespoon of the brown sugar in a bowl. This will be used as a topping.
  1. Pour the milk mixture equally into two appropriately sized cups.
  1. Pour the coffee over the top again, dividing it equally between the cups.
  1. Taste carefully using a teaspoon and add sugar or sweetener as desired.
  1. Froth the remaining milk and pour it over. 
  1. Lastly, sprinkle on the browned butter and sugar mixture over the top.
  1. Enjoy!

If you like, you can replace the frothed milk top with whipped cream, this also helps cool the coffee down so you can drink it more quickly!

Tip 1: You can make the recipe stronger or weaker by adding more or less coffee as you prefer.

Tip 2: When sweetening, don’t forget that the pistachio syrup is already sweet, so you may not need too much more sweetness.

Tip 3: When making your browned butter and sugar mixture, be sure to watch it continually as it will taste awful if it burns.

Here is a video on how to make an Iced version of the Starbucks type Pistachio Latte:

Pistachio Ice Cream Made With Pistachio Syrup Recipe

For this pistachio ice cream, you’ll be using pistachio syrup as the main flavoring. Unlike commercially made ice creams, this one won’t be green unless you add a hint of green and yellow food dye. To be honest, it really doesn’t need it!


  • 1 cup of heavy cream
  • ¾ cup of whole full-fat milk
  • ½ cup sweetened condensed milk
  • Dash of vanilla essence
  • 4 whole egg yolks
  • 1 cup pistachio syrup
  • 1 drop of the green and 1 drop of yellow food coloring (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon shelled and chopped pistachio nuts (optional)


  1. Separate the egg yolks from the whites. You can use the whites to make another dish. Whisk the yolks slightly, so they become creamy.
  1. In a heavy-based pan, whisk the cream, milk, and condensed milk together with the pistachio syrup and vanilla. 
  1. Place the pan over medium heat and whisk continuously for ten minutes.
  1. Add the egg yolks to the pan slowly, whisking all the time. The mixture will thicken slightly.
  1. Add the coloring if using and whisk in.
  1. Once thickened, pour the mixture into a large mixing bowl. When slightly cooled, cover the bowl with plastic wrap or an ecological beeswax cloth and place it into the refrigerator.
  1. When the mixture is completely cold, add the pistachio nuts. 
  1. Now you can use your ice cream maker to process it into ice cream. Follow the directions given by the manufacturer for your particular model.


I hope you liked some of my pistachio syrup ideas. Who’d have thought it could have such a great range of culinary and drink uses? Why not experiment for yourself and see what you can come up with? 

There are a huge variety of articles available on our website about pistachios, to discover more why not take a look at this pistachio butter guide?

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