How To Tell If A Sheep Is Pregnant?

The gestation period of a female sheep is approximately five months. Soon after breeding, there are several things you can do to determine whether or not your sheep is pregnant. Read on to learn more on how to tell if a sheep is pregnant.

7 Sheep Pregnancy Signs

sheep pregnancy signs

Things to watch on your female sheep:

1. Chest Measurement Increases

Your ewe’s chest measurement (heart girth) will increase, as will the size of her abdomen. Keep track of this by taking measurements before having her bred and then at regular intervals thereafter.

2. Estrus Cycle

Keep good records of your ewe’s estrus cycle. The estrus cycle of a ewe is roughly bi-weekly. She should come into estrus every sixteen or seventeen days. If your ewe does not come into estrus within three weeks of breeding, you can be fairly certain she is pregnant.

3. Several Visual Cues

Pay attention to visual cues. Your ewe’s abdomen may take on a lopsided appearance.

4. Shape Of Udder

As the lambs grow and develop, the shape of you ewe’s udder will change. Initially it will look flattened. As the pregnancy progresses it will become more rounded.

5. Palpate The Abdomen

Palpation of the abdomen can be performed two to three months after your ewe has been bred. After this much time has passed, you will probably be able to tell she is pregnant by looking at her.

Nonetheless, if you want to try palpation, begin by pressing the ewe’s abdomen just in front of the udder. If she is pregnant, her abdomen will feel tight in comparison with an ewe that is not pregnant.

6. Keep Close Track Of Milk Production

If your ewe is a dairy animal, milk production will naturally decrease after she becomes pregnant.

7. Behavior Towards Rams

Watch her behavior to see if she shows any interest in rams. If she is bred, she will not fraternize with an intact male sheep.

Here’s a helpful video:

Consult Your Veterinarian

You may also wish to contact your vet for an ultrasound, blood test or urine test to definitely confirm pregnancy.

Your veterinarian can verify pregnancy with a urine or blood test during the second month of pregnancy. An ultrasound scan can detect the presence and number of lambs in the third month of pregnancy.

Pregnant Sheep – Signs Of Impending Labor

Watch For These Signs Just Before Delivery

A few days before the lamb is born, you will notice your ewe behaving oddly. Here are a few things she may do in preparation for the birth:

  • Move about independently of the flock
  • Stand up and lie down at odd intervals
  • Paw the ground

You may also notice some physical signs of impending birth, such as swollen vulva and/or udder. Additionally, the ligaments at the base of the ewe’s spine will relax and become undetectable when labor begins.

Amie The Amazing Sheep Giving Birth

Signs & Symptoms Of Sheep Pregnancy May Vary

Young ewes bred for the first time may show fewer signs and symptoms than older, more experienced ewes. For this reason, it may be difficult to detect early pregnancy in these ewes.

Rest assured, as they, and you gain more experience and confidence, being able to tell when your sheep is pregnant will become easier and easier. Also make sure you adjust their feeding schedule by providing a high-quality concentrate feed and sufficient water to your pregnant ewes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about sheet pregnancy
1. Should you continue routine veterinary care (e.g. deworming and vaccinations) during a ewe’s pregnancy?

You can continue routine veterinary care during a ewe’s pregnancy; however, you are wisest to make sure your ewes are dewormed, up to date on shots, have their hooves trimmed and have had their hindquarters sheared (crutched) before mating takes place.

2. Can pregnant women take care of pregnant ewes?

It’s not a good idea. There are a number of zoonotic diseases carried by sheep that can affect pregnant women and unborn babies.

3. How long is normal labor for sheep?

From the time the ewe’s cervix begins to dilate until the moment of birth can take between four and five hours. Actual delivery usually takes about an hour.

4. How do you know if a ewe is in trouble and needs help delivering a lamb?

If the waterbag is present for more than an hour and/or if the ewe seems to be in a great deal of discomfort, straining unproductively for a long time, you should intervene and call your vet.

5. How much time should pass between the birth of multiple lambs?

No more than half an hour should pass between the birth of each lamb in multiple births.

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  1. These tips really helping. It help me a lot in my of rearing my aninals. If there any problem that come my way ,i not waste my time at all, immediately i will send.the questions. To you.

  2. I believe my ewe is pregnant she should be having her baby’s any time I noticed today I went out there and she almost looks like she’s not pregnant anymore the vulva don’t look swollen and she has no milk yet from her last rib to her hip bones it does look Hallow but she’s eating good suit up and down and seems to be more aggressive towards the one girl sheep I have she’s confusing me as of today I don’t know if she’s just fat or pregnant I did push on the abdomen in front of the utter and it is very tight any ideas help please and thank you in advance


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