How To Tie Down A UTV On A Trailer?

When you own a UTV you can have lots of fun navigating rock ledges, tearing around on sand dunes and stirring up mud on backwoods trails. One of the big challenges you’ll find is getting from home to these locations. That’s why you want to be very skilled at loading and tying down your recreational vehicle quickly, easily, effectively and efficiently to carry it to and from your favorite locations.

In this article, we provide clear instructions on how to load and tiedown your UTV for maximum safety and efficiency. Read on to learn more on how to tie down a UTV on a trailer.

Know How To Load Quickly And Safely

how to load quickly and safely

Generally speaking, UTVs are larger than ATVs, so you need to have a good size, sturdy trailer to carry your UTV from one place to another. You may use an open air trailer or an enclosed trailer.

Generally speaking, if you have a very large UTV you’ll need to use an open air trailer. If you haven’t bought your UTV yet, you may want to consider this in your choice.

A UTV that can be loaded onto an enclosed trailer will be better protected during transport. This can save you money in the long run in terms of keeping the roof, seats and other elements of your recreational vehicle in good repair.

When choosing a trailer to haul your UTV, be certain that you get one that has adequate weight capacity and that has the right tires installed to be able to carry your UTV safely.

You’ll want to follow the 60/40 rule when you load up. It’s best to have about 60% of the weight of your load situated in the front part of your trailer.

You can look for a trailer that has built in tiedowns, or you can custom fit your own D rings and purchase tiedown straps with options that suit your needs.

Take careful measurements of your UTV before purchasing a trailer. Standard utility trailers are sometimes big enough to accommodate UTVs, but very often they are not. You may want to look for a car trailer instead.

Of course, the ideal is a trailer that is specifically designed for hauling UTVs. A UTV trailer will have specific features (e.g. drop-down decks and foldable rear ramps) that will make hauling your UTV a breeze.

If you have more than one UTV, or if you have a combination of various types of off road equipment, look for a double axle trailer.

In addition to considering the width of the equipment that you’ll be hauling, you must also think about the width of the roads you’ll be traveling.

Remember that when you go off road, you may need to navigate some narrow paths to get to your final destination. Make sure your trailer isn’t so wide that you can’t get where you’re going.

Before you load up your UTV for the first time, be sure to study your owner’s manual and follow any special instructions it may contain.

When transporting your UTV, follow the rules of the road and take special care to drive in a steady and consistent manner at all times to avoid accidents.

Follow These Steps To Tiedown Your UTV

1. Choose the right tiedowns

Make certain that the straps you choose are able to control the weight of your UTV. Generally speaking, wide straps or webbing have greater load bearing strengths.

2. Inspect your tiedowns every time

Before strapping your UTV down, look over all the equipment involved and make sure that everything is in good working order. Never tie your UTV down with a strap or chain that is showing any damage at all.

3. Use enough tiedowns

You may think that it’s all right to use two, but it is always better to use four. This will give you equal and opposite pressure on all sides to keep your UTV firmly in place as you haul it down the road.

4. Attach your tiedowns correctly

Always attach them to the UTV’s frame, not the axles or the suspension. You can damage your machine by bending these elements when you tighten the straps. Additionally, attaching tiedowns to flexible and bendable elements of your UTV does not provide you with a secure tiedown situation.

5. Consider investing in ratchet style wheel bonnets

Tying down using these devices allows you to haul your UTV without compressing the suspension.

6. Unload with care

When you arrive at your destination, be sure that all of your tiedowns are completely disconnected before attempting to unload your UTV. Unload with care using the force of gravity rather than the power of the engine to navigate down the ramp. Be sure to cover the brake as you make your way down the steep incline.

Stay Safe!

When you’re hauling your UTV down the road, remember that it’s not just your safety that’s at stake. You must make sure that all of your equipment is in good, safe working order to protect yourself and the motorists around you.

Be sure to familiarize yourself with your UTV owner’s manual and read all instructions that come with your trailer and your tiedowns. Practice makes perfect, so load and unload a few times and take short trips to perfect your technique before making a long haul.

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    • You can find very good tie-downs locally at auto supply stores, home improvement centers, big box stores and the like. Shopping online is often an even better way to go as you can compare prices and read customer reviews to determine exactly what will suit your specific needs.


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