How To Choose The Best Hats For Farm Work?

Hats are an essential part of farm work clothing. In the summer they keep the rays off your face and prevent you getting sunburnt on those long, hot days in the field, while in the winter they keep your head warm and stop you from getting frostbitten ears.

There are all kinds of different hats; from the floppy woven type that allow a cool breeze, to the neck covering sun protection type, to the warm, cozy woolen ones. Wearing a hat is a great thing for farm work, and you can get just about any different type for any different weather.

Best Hats For Farm Work: Reviews

What are the best hats for farm work? There is a lot of choice out there, so we have removed the searching for you and picked out three of the best, each suitable for a different type of weather.




Wide Brim Sun Hat with Neck Flap, UPF50+ Hiking Safari Fishing Hat for Men Women Gray Camo TOP PICK: Sun Hat with Neck Flap

Great for someone who works long hours in the blazing sun.

SUN & FUN Men's Straw Outback Lifeguard Sun Hat with Wide Brim, Natural/ Black, One Size / Adjustable Sun Hat With Wide Brim

A great classic straw outback hat for the warmer weather.

John Deere Leather Patch Camo Beanie John Deere Leather Patch Camo Beanie

A great winter hat for the cold weather in the US.


1. Wide Brim Sun Hat with Neck Flap Review

Wide Brim Sun Hat with Neck Flap, UPF50+ Hiking Safari Fishing Hat for Men Women Gray Camo

This hat is ideal for those who are out working in the glaring sun all day. It offers superior neck protection, with a wide flap that extends from the top of your head right down to your shoulders – and it has a very shady brim for your face too.


  • Nylon construction. This material is not only strong and durable, but it is easy to wipe dry should you get caught in a rain shower. The best of both worlds!
  • UV protection – 50+ UPF. This hat really is ideal for those hotter climates, as even the fabric is rated to keep you safe from the sun. It protects against UVA and UVB rays, meaning that your face, ears and neck will stay cool and free from sunburn.
  • Breathable fabric, lightweight. The Nylon is a very light material, so you will hardly notice this hat on your head. It has mesh side panels to allow air to circulate, and a moisture wicking headband for comfort.
  • Almost universal fitting. This hat is made for just about everybody, with a head circumference of 24” and an adjustable cord so that you can customize the fit. There is also an adjustable chin strap, so you can wear the hat as tightly as you like.


  • Some people find it too light. A few purchasers have commented that they like a hat to have a little more weight, whereas this one is so light you will hardly notice you’re wearing it.


A great investment for someone who works long hours in the blazing sun; this hat will not only keep your skin safe from burns and skin cancers, but it will keep you cool and breezy too.


2. Straw Outback Sun Hat With Wide Brim Review

SUN & FUN Men's Straw Outback Lifeguard Sun Hat with Wide Brim, Natural/ Black, One Size / Adjustable

This classic type of hat is ideal for those who want to keep the sun off their heads, and keep cool in the hot weather whilst still looking stylish! It is functional and light, and will do the job its meant to do – namely keeping your skin safe and you feeling cool.


  • Straw construction for lightness and breathability. Straw is a light material, and as such is great for summer hats, as the woven strands allow air to flow in and out. Plus it’s very light, meaning that you won’t feel the strain of carrying a really heavy hat around with you!
  • Features a wide brim and pinched crown. These two attributes will shade the sun from your face as well as allowing the hat a little bit of shape – and making it easier to take on and off.
  • Interior sweatband around the forehead. This fabric band will absorb moisture, meaning that if things do get hot you won’t have to worry about sweat dripping down your face.
  • Includes hat sizing tape to reduce size. This hat is generously sized at 25”, and there is a reducing tape included in case you want to make it a bit smaller.


  • Straw is not the most durable of materials. This type of material, though it is light and strong and can stand up to a bit of abuse, will not last very long if it gets seriously roughed up.


This is a great hat for the warmer weather; it will keep you cool and shaded and prevent sun damage to your face. It will also keep your head cool, as well as looking pretty good too – the contrasting colors just scream “rich, relaxed, country farmer!”


3. John Deere Leather Patch Camo Beanie Review

John Deere Leather Patch Camo Beanie

This is your farm working hat, but in its Winter clothes. It is a soft, warm hat that will keep your head and ears nice and cozy – did you know that you lose a vast percentage of your body heat through your head? Not with this hat on you don’t!


  • 100% Acrylic fabric. This synthetic material is very strong and durable, as well as highly insulating. This hat will stand up to any amount of hard work, and still maintain its shape and softness – and you can maintain your warmth!
  • Easy to keep clean. You can simply throw this hat in your washing machine on a cold setting – just make sure you turn it inside out for best results. You also can tumble dry it, but remember to keep it on a low heat.
  • Officially licensed John Deere product. This is a well known manufacturer that produce farm equipment the world over – and they also produce farm clothing. You can be sure that this product is made as rugged and strong as one of their tractors.
  • Fits a multitude of head sizes. Because of the stretchy nature of the material, this hat can be made to fit just about anyone and still remain comfortable.


  • Sizes run slightly small. Some users have reported that this hat is more suited to a child than an adult. Others have found that the snug fit imply enhances the warmth.


This is a great winter hat that offers great protection against the cold weather. Keeping the head and ears covered is the best way to keep warm in the cooler months, and this hat does it in a very soft, snugly way. It also comes in cool colors, that will help you blend into the landscape (unless said landscape is snow!)



The best hats for farm work can either keep the heat and the sun from your head, or keep you warm in the colder weather. Whichever type of hat you need, you can just browse through our top three and you will hopefully find just what you are looking for.

Check out this article if you want to learn how to make a sliding knot for your hat. And if you are looking for other farm clothing (e.g. socks), check our website from more recommendations.

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  1. I find a straw hat very useful in the summer as it can protect from the sun and also bring a very comfortable and cool feeling.


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