will sheep drink from running water

Will Sheep Drink From Running Water?

Although many people think of sheep as being stupid, the fact is, they are pretty smart. Consider the behavior of wild sheep, such as Bighorns. They are known to be crafty, elusive and difficult to hunt. Recent studies have shown that sheep are able to recognize peoples’ faces and identify multiple individual members of their …

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why do shepherds put oil on sheep

Why Do Shepherds Put Oil On Sheep?

Shepherds have been putting oil on sheep since before biblical times. In fact, the 23rd Psalm is actually an extended metaphor comparing the sheep-keeping techniques of the times to the shepherding actions of Christ. The shepherd cares for all of the needs of the sheep. He takes the sheep to green pastures and quiet waters. …

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what to feed sheep in winter

What To Feed Sheep In Winter?

As ruminants, sheep are naturally suited to being raised on mixed pasture. In some domestic settings, it is desirable to feed a richer quality of nourishments for greater milk or meat production, but even in these settings, forage should make up a great percentage of your sheeps’ diet throughout most of the year. Unfortunately, you …

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how much drinking water do sheep need

How Much Wool Does A Sheep Produce?

If you are thinking about raising sheep for wool, you are naturally wondering how much wool per sheep you can expect annually. While this may seem like a simple question, it really is not. The amount of wool an individual sheep is able to produce depends upon many factors, including, breed, size, gender, feeding, climate …

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